Spud Bros. Poetry

I love everything about french fries.  And – much to my delight – Spud Bros. at 2010 10th Street in Boulder is the purveyor of possibly the best french fries on the planet.  They are even poets, having written a poem titled Ode to Spuds.

When I get my first no from Brad
I can count on French fries to take away the sad
When I can’t get tickets to Boulder Ignite
I go to Spud Bros. to get a bite.

Built up an appetite going up Sanitas for a hike
Coming down for some Chili Fries I like
When I’m in need of some WiFi
I know where to go for the Internet and a Fry

After a night out on the town
I head to Spud Bros.
Where everybody knows your name
and they’re always glad you came.

Thankfully the fries are better than the poetry.  And yes – the Brad they refer to c’est moi.

  • What fries were better than your poem !! might be but howz this song

  • What fries were better than your poem !! might be but howz this poem

  • oaja

    There you are,
    hiding from me,646-204 exam
    shrinking away from my steel.70-646 exam
    Did you think I'd leave you there to rot?PMI-001 exam

    You'll scrub up well.
    Shame that you can't see.70-432 exam
    Yellow, eyes on stalks no longer
    easy, out they pop

    (and since you're so thick-skinned, I'll take the lot.)

    Time to get shot?
    I don't care a jot.
    Watch the garbage drop.
    Chop, chop, chop…

    Chili tonight, is it not?

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