The Lijit Wijit

If you are a blogger, it’s time to consider implementing Lijit for your blog search.  Matt Blumberg jumped on board last week and Fred Wilson tossed it up on his blog a few weeks ago.


I’ve enabled all the features.  At the top is a search box.  Just type in your search terms. 

If you don’t want to take up a lot of sidebar space, you can just surface the search box, but I like all the functionality to be front and center.

Next is a tag cloud of most popular searches.   Finally, you see the list of My Content.  These are all the content sources that I publish on the web:

Now – the neat thing is that you can search my blog, my content (anything I’ve published on any of these services), my network (anything I’ve published and anything anyone in my network has published.) 

My network is really special – Lijit is working hard to automatically build these networks.  My blogroll is one of the informers of this – look for others coming soon.

Incorporating Lijit into your blog is easy.  If you are a Typepad user it’s now in the Typepad Widget directory.  If you use a different blogging platform, it’s easy to set up on the Lijit web site.

Once you start playing with Lijit, you’ll discover lots of layers of interesting things.  The search stats are superb and remind me of the early days of using FeedBurner and discovering new and exciting feed stat info on a regular basis.  The Re-Search feature is pure magic.

If you give Lijit a try and either need help or have feedback, drop me an email.

  • Robert Dewey

    Building out those networks shouldn’t be all that hard. We’re working on (completed) an algorithm that estimates ownership and relationships based on structure and content type.

    It’s part of a project that will try to associate data with specific users whilst connecting those users with other users (building their network). This is more semantic than anything else, since tagging would also allow disparate data to be connected.

  • As a newbie blogger, I have been looking for cool things to add to my site and added Lijit based on seeing it on your blog as well as a few others. Outside of it working great, I got a nice follow-up email from Tara at Lijit asking about my experience and satisfaction. The technology is cool, but those are the things that count.