Search The VC Network For Stuff

If you go to Feld Thoughts, you’ll see a little widget on the right hand side that looks like the following:


This is my “badge” for the FeedBurner Venture Capital network.  This a network of all of the Venture Capital bloggers that I could find – I’m the coordinator so if you are a VC blogger and not part of the network, drop me an email.  There are now 62 VC bloggers in the network with a daily subscriber reach of over 150,000 people (if you are an advertiser and want to target this audience, my friends at FeedBurner will be happy to help.)

This morning, I noticed a new shiny box in the widget that says “search this network.”  That’s the integration of Lijit and FeedBurner which allows you to search across the entire network of VC bloggers.  Type “term sheet” in “search this network” and hit go to see how it works.  Or try “Apple DRM”.  Or maybe “Google Youtube” (or ”Sequoia Envy”).  Or even “Suck” (a favorite word of several VC bloggers – ostensibly linked to one of my favorite mottos – “We Suck Less.”)

Vertical search across venture capital blogs.  Automagically brought to a computer near you by Lijit and FeedBurner.

  • Frank

    I get Feld Thoughts in MyYahoo. I saw this post, clicked the link, read the post, and then looked. No badge.

    Curious, I then Googled “Feld Thoughts”, clicked the link, and then looked. There’s the badge!

    The difference being that in the former case I get taken to to Thought you might want to know. (As I now edit my own comment, I notice that the badge doesn’t appear here either.)

  • Great blog. Found you off CRN

  • Brad
    Can you please tell me where / how I could create another Network feed?
    Tried going to feedburner but its hidden somewhere obviously.

  • That is just a wicked feature. Time to get off my ass and build that stock network for feedburner that I promised.

  • Feld, a great post. We go ahead with the blogs in your VC network and create a personalized Megite for Venture Capital at .

  • interesting that porn ads are running along side the “suck” search…