New Clothes

Given that it’s getting a little cooler out and I’ve been wearing more long sleeve t-shirts, I decided to update the look and feel of my blog.  My friend Kevin Menzie – the CEO of Slice of Lime – who has been doing some amazing work for a number of our portfolio companies – did much of the work.

We’re still shaking out a few things, so be patient if you notice a problem.  I’m interested in any feedback – good or bad – as I’ve got a new blog in the works with a similar look and feel. Please comment freely on my new wardrobe.  Of course, if you run into any bugs, please tell me.

  • Love the new design — great work. I will be contacting Kevin shortly

  • Dave Jilk

    I don’t like that you need to click ‘read more’ to read a post. Even the short ones have this. Very few of your posts are long, so I think you should include the whole thing on the main page.

    Otherwise… nice fonts, nice colors. Not sure the changes really add anything substantive other than make it feel newer.

  • and we’d welcome the chance to send you a few free long sleeve tees. if you’d like something printed on them please email in 300dpi

  • Ahhh…. much better. Nice work Kevin! Congrats Brad.

  • Brad I like the colors and look, don’t like the read more stuff though. I often will not read more and leave an article with that kind of stuff. I don’t like it in my RSS feed and certainly don’t like it on the blog itself. Otherwise it is pleasing to the eye. From a functional prospective though, what did you gain?

  • Nice, very nice. The post titles seem a bit large to me. I love the colors.

  • Like the new look, but I have to be honest, I never actually go to your site. I use an aggregator… NewsGator of course. Only reason I came to the site was to see the new look.

    Fred talks about this, but in a different context.

    For new visitors, it is certainly a great first impression but for us loyal subscribers we won’t get to enjoy Kevin’s fine work 🙂

  • I like the fast load with the badges/widgets/stuff on the right.

    I dislike (pretty strongly) the “read more” stuff. Maybe set the “read more” threshold higher? I don’t want to click 5 times to read your day’s worth of writing.

  • “Read more” appears to be unanimously hated. I will abolish it shortly.

  • I like it … a LOT. The indented highlighting of the post titles and “thought ballon arrow” from the posted comments is a very nice touch.

    How ’bout considering a fully liquid display – i.e. on my 1280×1024 screen, I’m seeing fairly wide grey bars on the left/right – looks like it was designed for 1024×768 (I’m too lazy/budy to grope around the HTML source to confirm exactly what was done … although I should to check out the nifty CSS being done).

    Ditto other comments on “Read More” – just give us the content w/o the click-thru … and with a more liquid design, wider screens should have less vertical space for your stuff.

    Overall darn impressive – I’d love to have Kevin provide a few pointers on my “halloween celiac charity” page that I mentioned to you earlier. Along those lines, maybe have Kevin do a “guest post” (or provide a pointer to a writeup on his site) of what he did “under the covers” – would not ony be interesting, but a good/appropriate attaboy if nothingn else.

  • I love the bubbles for the comments, and the triangle at the title of the post.

  • Don

    Since you’re abolishing “read more”, I think it looks great. Although the color scheme did remind me of the Colorado Avalanche which is probably not what you were going for.

  • I think this is a overall improvement. It is definitely moving in the right direction, but seems a bit cluttered. You may want to have a mouseover effect on your main menu words. I agree with having full posts (up to a certain length) shown on the homepage as clicking “read more” for a short post isnt helpful. I think the added shadows, fonts, and graphics look great but the header image could use some refreshing. If you have the original background you could also get a designer to add the font without it being distorted around each letter. Nice sidebar widgets now too!

    Also – I use cocomments to track my blog comments and I wanted to let you know its working on your site.

  • mcsteen


    I like the abbreviated articles (read more format). I believe that’s how most people read. If I think you give an indication of how the article will end, “I like this, I don’t like this, etc.) I will skip the rest because I have the general idea of the subject, the characters and the plot. In other words, I don’t need to know all your exact words about the topic but your opinion, feeling, emotion, instinct of the subject. That is how I get to know you, not by memorizing your words.

    Kevin, great job. The page loads MUCH faster then before. Whatever you did, keep it up!