More FeedBurner Magic – Redisplaying Your Feed Content

I manage feeds (using FeedBurner) for three blogs – Feld Thoughts (my stuff), Mobius Venture Capital (headlines from our companies), and Thoughts in Random Patterns (the blog of the most incredible woman in the world – she told me not to be so smarmy, but I can’t help myself.)

I’ve wanted to put the Mobius headlines on my site for a while, but I didn’t feel like figuring out how to deal with it.  Fortunately, FeedBurner did it for me – today they announced BuzzBoost – yafs (“yet another free service”) which – in addition to being super cool – shows off how easy it is to put together stuff now that their Feed Awareness API is out.

If you click through to Feld Thoughts and page down once, you’ll see a sidebar called “Mobius News” with five headlines.  Click through any of them and you are at the Mobius Venture Capital Headlines feed.  Subscribe to the feed if you desire.  Click on the title at the top and you are at the Mobius Venture Capital site.  Oh – and if you click on the “Mobius News” title – you’ll go straight through to the full headlines list (not just the top 5).

One simple line of HTML that FeedBurner automagically generates for me. All the content is live – as the Mobius headlines change, so will the list on my blog. I’ve got control over a bunch of variables if I want (and – I imagine after this gets used some, there will be more) but I kept it simple and just did everything within FeedBurner.

Fred Wilson had some content from his blog ripped off today.  Michael Parekh had some content ripped off also (same dudes). That sucks.  And – the problem is going to get worse.  However, there are lots of legitimate people who want to incorporate content from their friends’ blogs (or other blogs they control).  With FeedBurner’s BuzzBoost, I control how someone else would format my content and all the links click back to my site.  So – I now have a safe and easy way for having my friends (e.g. good people) republish my content. 

  • Greg Lems


    Is “plagarism detection” something that Feedburner could add as a product offering (or maybe Technorati)? Seems like bloggers would find that valuable, they wouldn’t have to worry that their posts are being ripped off into some realm that they don’t frequent.

    I enjoy reading your posts, I have been a lurker up until today.

    Greg Lems
    Louisville, CO

  • If you like the FeedBurner inline headlines, you might be interested in Findory’s inline as well.

    It allows you to put news and blog headlines on your site for categories, search terms, even headlines from your personalized Findory front page.

    Inline Findory also has related articles to the articles you have posted from other blogs. For example, here is the inline for related articles to Feld Thoughts:

    It’s a great way to discover other interesting weblog articles.

  • hey Greg, great point – we thought of this and we
    specifically coded buzzboost to prevent against this sort of rogue use of the
    service. There is no search engine juice or any indexing at all of the
    content that can be achieved with BuzzBoost because it is pure
    javascript and contains absolutely no content or links to content in the
    code we generate for publishers. We specifically built it this way so
    that it could not be used as a service to “snatch” indexable content for
    the purposes of advertising matches or search engine juice. As we have
    released it, buzzBoost is a great tool for publishers and is of no real use
    to spammers or those looking to drop ads into a page matching somebody
    else’s content. We are going to add buzzboost tracking to publisher stats as well, so that if you’re using it and want to see who’s driving traffic to you through affiliate uses of buzzboost, you’ll be able to see that. We will do whatever we can to minimize rogue use. ok, back to your host, brad feld.

  • Greg Lems

    Thanks for the explanation Dick. I think I might not be explaining myself clearly though.

    What I meant was there are people (like Fred Wilson mentioned above) who have had their content ripped off most likely by a cut-and-paster, not by someone using a tool like BuzzBoost. Can people like Fred tell FeedBurner “Watch my blog, and monitor if text from my blog shows up in other blogs or other locations”?

    It would require massive indexing, perhaps more than it would be worth. And, like you said, you’d like to keep BuzzBoost non-indexed, which I think is great. Maybe it could be accomplished with a Google hack, not sure. Anyway, just batting around some ideas, thanks for your response.

    Greg Lems

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