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Advice For Working With Mentors

…chasing your tail. Be deliberate in collecting information, checking for other mentors reaction to feedback, decide a path, and then hit it hard. Close the loop with your mentors: At the minimum, communicate with all of the mentors you are working with (not just the lead mentors) at least once a week. Make sure they know the decisions you’ve made and why, especially if they contradict some of the feedback you have been getting. Most mentors

Mentors 8/18: Adopt At Least One Company Every Single Year. Experience Counts

…to listen to. By week three, we are starting to more aggressively match lead mentors with companies. By the end of the first month, the best companies have engaged with, for least an hour a week, between three and five lead mentors. Each of these lead mentors has committed to go deep with the company and the best lead mentors limit themselves to one, or possible two (if they are very experienced mentors) companies during the program. This…

Reflections on Mentors

…t. Without a mentor, it would have taken me a much longer time to answer this critical question. Eric may have been in academia, but he could still play “life coach” to me, a good reminder that sometimes the best mentors guide you in areas outside their official domain of expertise. When I sold my first company at age 27, I acquired two great mentors – Len Fassler and Jerry Poch. In addition to solid business advice, Len taught…

Announcing Techstars AngelList Funds for Mentors and Alumni

…ime, advice, and connections. We treat mentorship seriously – you can read about it in our Mentor Manifesto and my blog series on the mentor manifesto. And, my book Give First, coming out at the end of 2017, will cover mentorship in depth. Our global network now consists of over 5,000 mentors, including many successful Techstars alumni. As Techstars continues to selectively expand into new geographies and industry verticals, our mentors

Mentors 11/18: Clearly Commit To Mentor Or Do Not. Either Is Fine

…relationship between mentor and founder would be. We knew that we wanted real engagement – at least 30 minutes per week – rather than just an “advisor name on a list.” We expected that engaging local mentors would be easier than non-local mentors. We defined rules of engagement around what mentoring meant, which did not preclude early investment, but did preclude charging any fees during the mentoring period. Over time,…