Haiku Deck Helps Make Marketing Not Suck

I continually refer people to the post I Don’t Hate Marketing which is a great example of a bunch of chocolaty goodness all rolled into one little post. Now, my friends at Haiku Deck have made it slick and pretty! Don’t let your marketing suck. Set your story free with Haiku Deck.

Tech Reporter Contact List

I get asked all the time for a list of “tech reporters / bloggers” to contact around an announcement. A few weeks ago, I was pointed to a list on the web by Brownstein & Egusa titled the Tech Reporter Contact List. It’s actually seven lists. Top 100 Tech Blogs Top Tech Blog Reporters Top 100 Newspapers…

I Don’t Hate Marketing

One of the jokes in my little universe is that “every time I hear the word ‘marketing’ I throw up a little in my mouth.” I’ve been joking about this long enough that it’s become conventional wisdom that I hate marketing. Yet, if you look at many of our successful investments, they are extraordinarily good at…

Why A New Startup Shouldn’t Have a Marketing Budget

As my partners at Foundry Group know, every time I hear the word “marketing” I throw up a little in my mouth. I hate traditional marketing and have always resisted it early in the life of a new company. Fred Wilson has a phenomenal blog post up this morning titled Marketing. Among other things he…