Hanging Out In Huntsville

I’m running the Rocket City Marathon tomorrow.  It’ll be my 14th marathon in my quest to finish one in every state in the US.  My co-host in this experience is Matt Shobe, one of the founders of FeedBurner.  Matt’s a real runner (PR of 3:25) but, as he writes in his post This time, I’m running for charity, he’s going to pace his slow friend Brad.

I’ve had a hard time getting my head into this marathon.  I had a great week off the grid in Mexico but then returned to an incredibly intense week.  After four 15+ hour days, I finally had a little chill time which masqueraded as "travel to Huntsville day".  I went to the Expo (small and cute), got my number, and started to get excited.  I don’t feel especially trained or well rested for this one, but the weather looks like it’s going to be perfect, the course is flat, and I’ve got a friend who is going to suffer through 26.2 miles with me – what more could a marathoner want?

It turns out that my coach Gary Ditsch of Endurance Base Camp drove down from Kentucky to run this one with a triathloner that he also coaches.  We met face to face for the first time and are planning to head out to dinner (yup – pasta) as a micro-gang.

As Matt says, he’s going to run this one for charity – in this case Children’s Medical Missions.  If you are so inclined, please support Matt (for the both of us) – I just did (that feels a little recursive.)  And – as always – thanks to my anchor sponsors Return Path and Pixie Mate for their support of Accelerated Cure via their sponsorship of my running quest.