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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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100% Click Through Rate

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I was thinking about how to drive CTR’s up via different mechanisms this morning when this email arrived in my inbox.


I remembered talking about high CTR email response rates with Dave McClure and Shervin Pishevar when we were in DC on our Startup Visa trip at the beginning of March.  I’d forgotten about this conversation until this email showed up while I was thinking about this.  Of course, I clicked to see where Dave had tagged me (it was on a Huffington Post article about innovation.)

I thought about it for a few more seconds and realized that to date I have a 100% CTR on an email from Facebook that says “<X> tagged you on Facebook.”  I can’t come up with anything else that I have a 100% CTR on, but I’m now looking out for it.

Do you have any examples of transaction emails like this you receive that have 100% (or even 50%+) CTRs?

I Am Afraid of the Big Blue Horse at DIA

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Anyone who has driven to DIA has seen the mysterious big blue horse.  Yes – it has special powers.  It has killed before (its creator – Luis Jimenez) and may kill again.

I am afraid of the big blue horse at DIA

I’ve just joined the I am afraid of the big blue horse at DIA Facebook group.  Here’s one of the best quotes from the wall.

Approaching DIA, my heart began to thump. Summoning all my resolution, I gave my Suby half a score of kicks to the gas pedal in an attempt to hasten my journey. At just that moment a splash of blue caught my eye. In the dark shadow of the field, on the margin of the airport, I beheld something blue, so blue, and towering, a gigantic monster ready to pounce upon this weary traveler. "What are you" I whispered, and received no reply. Agitated, I repeated my question. Pushing the gas pedal, I closed my eyes and uttered an involuntary psalm. I opened my eyes. The shadow took shape, a huge horse with powerful frame, whose eyes burned red and followed me, keeping pace. I rounded the curve, bringing the relief of the giant against the sky and I was horror-struck on perceiving it was…art? ~ Jenn Bma (Boulder)

I am – in general – afraid of horses so it’s appropriate that I am fucking terrified of the Big Blue Horse.  I am so glad Facebook has provided me with a place to find some new friends.  Thanks Jill for pointing this out to me.

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