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The Future Is A World Of Robots And Drones

Thanks for the all notes of concern about my bike accident on Thursday. I’m doing a lot better – still a little fuzzy and tired feeling – but on the mend. I’ve gotten confirmation that it wasn’t a hit and run – I clearly lost control of the bike during a turn, crashed into a curb,…

Rookie Drone Crash

I’m fascinated with drones. I’ve never been a model airplane guy and my model rocket phase lasted about a month when I was 10. But drones feel like something different, since I can program them to do what I want them to go do, rather than have to control them with a controller. My current…

Amazon Prime Ground

If you think Amazon Prime Air is neat, you’ll love the new Amazon Prime Ground. Spheros and Quadcopters are available with shipping still in time for Christmas.

What Do Tijuana and Minneapolis Have In Common?

We believe great companies can be created anywhere. When we started Foundry Group, we hypothesized that 33% of our investments would be in Colorado, 33% would be in California, 33% would be “everywhere else”, and 1% would be on Mars. We still haven’t done the Mars one, but we remain optimistic about the possibility. Today…