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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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No Miles On United Yet This Year

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Ahhh.  This all changes tomorrow morning.


Really Big, Really Bad Ideas

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Hedge fund Pardus Capital Management which owns 2.6% of Delta and 4.82% of United is urging them to merge.  While this might be good for Pardus, as a frequent traveler on United out of DIA, this sounds like a really bad idea to me.  Probably 50% of the flights that I’ve been on since United came out of bankruptcy have had some sort of problem (mechanical, routing, crew delay, undermined) and I have several situations where the plane simply didn’t show up. 

I’m actually starting to be impressed with the TSA folks – in comparison to United.  At least my experience with them is more random and entertaining – I never really know what to expect.  With United, I’ve become conditioned to just expect that things aren’t going to go as planned.

Being Paul Berberian in China

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101007_1533_Chinavisitn2The really cool thing about having friends like Paul Berberian is that I can act out my desire to participate in a real life equivalent of Being John Malkovich.  Paul has a fascinating new company that is launching at the end of the year.  His product is both physical and virtual; the physical part of it (nicknamed “the bong” by me) is manufactured in China. 

I don’t really have any desire to go on an eight day business trip to a factory in Qingdao, but it’s awesome to read Paul’s description of it in his post China visit – nothing is as it seemsNow – the conclusion (signaled by the title) is no surprise, but my voyeristic view of Paul’s week was satisfying this early morning in Boulder.

Best “how I viewed it” moment: “Generally negative on the food experience but positive on the environment – we ate inside a giant green house –trippy. BTW dog sucks – it is chewy and tastes like dog!”

As a special bonus this week, I got to go to GwangJu, South Korea as part of my experience of Being Kimbal Musk.  Those pig heads look worst then I envision the dog did.

Letters from GwangJu, South Korea

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My friend Kimbal Musk (owner of The Kitchen and CEO of Me.dium) is in GwangJu, South Korea with his wife Jen installing her light harp.  As usual, Kimbal is hysterical.  A typical paragraph:

“And NO ONE speaks english.  It’s like we’re aliens.  They can’t even read the tourist map.  We spent about 45 minutes in an insane, high speed taxi ride trying to explain where we wanted to go by pointing at the map the hotel gave us.  I think the map we got was a joke played on the only western tourists to hit GwangJu this year. The cab driver thought we were retarded.  We thought he was out to kill us.”

The Pigsty at LaGuardia Gate B6

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I just hit my airport tipping point for 2007.  I’m sitting in squalor at LaGuardia Gate B6 waiting for my Frontier flight home.  I guess Spirit controls these gates and no one seems to give a shit about anything here.  Everyone at LaGuardia was surly (boarding on intolerable) tonight.  Maybe it’s my Boston Red Sox jacket.

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