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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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Full Ratchet

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I heard there was a performance by a legendary band called Full Ratchet in Atherton last week.  Can you identify the members of the band?


They were joined (or maybe they joined) Thomas Dolby who has been practicing ferociously for his upcoming tour.  Have you been Blinded by Science lately?


Coverville’s Beatles Thanksgiving Doubleshot

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I love the Beatles.  I love Brian Ibbott’s Coverville podcast.  I love running.  I set out to do 60 minutes in Atherton early this morning and started listening to Coverville 149: The 2nd Annual Beatles Thanksgiving Double Shot on my iPod Shuffle.  90 minutes later I had one of my best runs of the year.  I was late to my first meeting (sorry Greg) but it was worth it.  If you are a Beatles fan, don’t miss this one.

Mahna Mahna

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It’s a beautiful morning in New York and my brother Daniel started it off with an email to me about Mahna Mahna.  His daughter Sabrina was eating a banana this morning and he started singing Bahna Mahna to her after I managed to get Mahna Mahna stuck in his head a few weeks ago at his birthday party.

This all started on Coverville which played the awesome Cake version of it on Episode 90.  Daniel dug up an original Sesame Street Mahna Mahna and a Dr. Pepper Mahna Mahna commercial (go to the Media Gallery).  I dare you to play them and then try to get this out of your head.

The question is “what is a Mahna Mahna?”  The question is “who cares?”

George Bush Singing U2′s Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Chris Wand forwarded me DJ RX’s mashup of George Bush Singing U2′s Sunday Bloody SundayNewsweek has more on DJ RX in case you care.  Beautifully done.

Wall of Voodoo

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No – this isn’t going to be a screed on the crazy shit (at ridiculous prices) some of my early stage compatriots are doing these days.  On my run today while listening to Brian Ibbott’s awesome Coverville podcast I heard Authority Zero cover Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo (from the Call of the West album).  I was instantly transported back 15 years and sang along as my tempo picked up.  There are definitely days that I wish I was in Tiajuana eating barbecued iguana.

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