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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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Bill Flagg – A Great New Blog

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While I’ve known Bill Flagg for a number of years, I had a chance to work closely with him and his partner Attila Safari on the sale of their company – RegOnline – to Active last year.  RegOnline is one of those "sleeper companies" in Boulder – self funded, rapid growth, highly profitable, and a very impressive exit.

Bill, Attila, and all the folks that have worked at RegOnline over the years have created a great company.  Bill is channeling some of his experience and insights into his new blog.  I highly recommend you check it out and subscribe.  Bill – no pressure!

MIT Sloan Bloggers

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I stumbled upon the MIT Sloan Blog last week.  I am a Sloan grad (’88) and am a speaker at my 20th business school reunion this summer.  The folks behind the blog have done a nice job of tidying up TypePad and stringing together a series of Student Bloggers.  I asked to be added to the blog roll and voila – there I am.  They also added Lijit for search (which will be fascinating across the network of bloggers in the sidebar) and Intense Debate for comments (enhancing the social network that gets built through the comments to the collection of blogs.)

Even more fun is that the new Dean of the MIT Sloan School – David Schmittlein – also has a blog!

Colorado Life Sciences Deal Flow

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I don’t invest (or know all that much about Bio or Life Sciences), but I like to follow Adam Rubenstein’s Colorado Life Sciences Deal Flow blog just to know what’s going on in the entrepreneurship scene around life sciences in my back yard.

I was pleased to see Adam’s simple description of Lijit and why he’s using it on his blog.  Adam nails it and makes a good blog even more useful.

Nick Bradbury Is Having A Fight With His Dog

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One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons is “On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog.”  Nick Bradbury – the creator of FeedDemon (one of the NewsGator products) is having an online argument with Calvin on his blog.  Nick lobs in the first bomb with My Dog is an Asshole.  Calvin responds with My Master is an Asshole (a Response From Calvin)Priceless.

Katherine McIntyre Blogging

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I love outing friends that are blogging.  My partner Ryan McIntyre’s wife Katherine has started a blog titled It is what it is.  Katherine and Ryan moved to Boulder in August 2006 and – other than the worst winter ever in the history of man – have been settling in nicely.  Katherine is a beautiful writer: upfront, personal, and articulate while being willing to tackle juicy stuff.  Her posts have quickly become some of my favorites to read when they show up in FeedDemon.  Katherine – welcome to the blogosphere or whatever it is called these days.

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