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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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New VC Blogger: Highway 12 Ventures

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My friends at Highway 12 Ventures have started a blog.  The gang at Highway 12 is based in Boise, ID and has built a very interesting portfolio throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  Plus they are great guys.

Fortunately they put Lijit on their blog for search so I didn’t have to badger them about into using it and it made it easy for me to add them to the brand spanking new Venture Capital Bloggers Network powered by Lijit.

Welcome RRE Ventures to the Blogosphere

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The "new VC entrants into the blogosphere" has slowed over the past 12 months.  In addition, the decay curve of many of the newest VC bloggers looks very similar to the decay curve of nuclear waste, except for it happens over a six month period instead of having a 24,100 year half life.

In contrast, the gang at RRE Ventures have both launched a new blog titled Five Years Too Late and filled it with great, relevant, and stimulating content, including posts such as:

And – my favorite so far – RRE Bikini Bottom Franchise.  Keep it up guys and don’t ever lose your sense of humor.

Breast Cancer for Husbands

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My friend Mitchell Ashley has started a really powerful new blog titled BreastCancerForHusbandsI’m at the age where several of my friends have now fought with breast cancer – fortunately no one close to me has died from it. 

Mitchell’s wife Mary Ellen has breast cancer and he’s decided to blog about his experience with it.  Mitchell is a brave writer and speaks his mind clearly – he’s not afraid of talking about the ups and downs.  He also doesn’t pull any punches, as is evidenced by his post Don’t Be An Edwards Dumbass, Support Your Wife.

Highly recommended reading for anyone with a friend or family member struggling with any kind of cancer.  Mitchell – thanks for being brave enough to blog about this stuff.

The Bear Blogs

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When I ask someone what animal they visualize themselves I am often surprised.  Not so with Dan Caruso – he is unambiguously a bear (That’s my animal also – you’ll understand this if you ever see me and Dan standing next to each other.)


Since October, Dan has been doing a great job of blogging at BearOnBusiness and now has a must read entrepreneur blog.  If you don’t know Dan, he was an SVP at MFS (bought by WorldCom), went on to be part of the founding team at Level 3, with a group of investors acquired, turned around, and sold ICG, and is now doing another telecom infrastructure consolidation called Zayo Group (one of the best recently funded / founded companies in Colorado.)  He’s also an investor in a bunch of companies, including folks like Envysion (who also happen to have a good blog.)

If you are looking for a new / fresh entrepreneur blog to add to your blogroll, give BearOnBusiness a try.

Unleashing The Blogger Within

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My partner Jason Mendelson has finally started his own blog titled Mendelson’s Musings.  Jason has been a guest blogger on Feld Thoughts for several years (in our Term Sheet, LOI, and 409A series) and he and I have been collaborating on Ask the VC since the beginning of 2007.

Given Jason’s unique proclivities, I expect music to be a central theme on his blog.  He even has a special magic Music tab.  The subtitle – Tales from a VC and recovering drummer, software guy, lawyer tells the tale.

Let’s all give Jason an official blogosphere welcome by subscribing to his (FeedBurner) feed.

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