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Hi, I’m Brad Feld, a managing director at the Foundry Group who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons and read a lot.

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My Steel Balls By Mark Castator

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I love having steel balls.


Amy and I discovered Mark Castator about a year ago.  He’s a Boulder based artist that does amazing stuff with steel.  Here’s a few other things in our house in Eldorado Canyon.


The metal painting on the wall is by Mark Cesark who is an Aspen based artist (and another Mark) who we’ve fallen in love with and are collecting aggressively.  The steel towers by the window are Castator’s.

The next time you are in my office feel free to ask to see my big steel balls – I’ve got some there also.  Yeah, all of this kind of reminded me of Pete Schweddy.  Sorry.  Oh – and please remember the legal disclaimer on this blog.

Dead Pixel in Google Earth

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I love the blog 3 Quarks Daily.  The best part is that I don’t have to read it – Amy obsesses over it and sends me all the stuff she knows I’ll like (at least a half dozen a week – sometimes a lot more).  Today’s (actually from March 30th) is a magnificent work of art by Helmut Smits tilted Dead Pixel in Google Earth 2009.

Dead pixel in Google earth

Absolutely fucking brilliant. 

Rick Dula – R.I.P. Rocky Mountain News Building

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Amy and I are huge fans and collectors of Rick Dula.  We’ve got a number of pieces of his art of the construction of the new Denver Art Museum hanging in my office at Foundry Group that we bought from the William Havu Gallery in Denver.

Our anniversary was June 21st and neither of us managed to get the other one a gift.  So – on June 21st we went trolling around the web for a piece of art to buy.  We each bought one and then decided to buy two more for our life dinner gifts on July 1st.  The two that we bought on our anniversary were Rick Dula’s – the first is R.I.P. Rocky Mountain News Building.

My world is all about innovation.  In the mid 1990’s, as the commercial Internet started to emerge and the World Wide Web became something that people both knew about and used, it seemed like the traditional newspaper (and traditional newspaper business) wasn’t long for the world.  While it took fifteen or so years for the real end game to emerge, I’ll definitely hang this one in my office as a reminder of how creative destruction works.

The other Dula that we decided to buy was D.A.M. Building Progress

This one is a big one – 41.5” x 55” – so we aren’t yet sure where it’s going to go.  Since we love to support local living artists, we’ll definitely try to find a spot for this other than “storage.”

Don Coen – Prairie Rattler

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I have three major hobbies – reading, running, and collecting art.  On my run today, I realized that I occasionally blog about reading and running, but I rarely blog about art.  I’m pretty sure this idea got lodged in my head yesterday while Amy and I were looking around the web for a new piece to “buy each other” as our anniversary gift.  While looking, we stumbled upon this incredible painting from Don Coen titled Prairie Rattler.

We are huge fans of Don’s and have a number of pieces of his work.  If you’ve ever been in the small conference room at Foundry Group, you’ve seen a version of Chairman of the Board that I commissioned for us after missing buying the original.  We’ve named the cow who looks over at Kelly during the day “Bessie”.

An important thing to realize about Don’s work is that his paintings are large.  Prairie Rattler is 6’ x 7’.  We talked about buying it for a few minutes but then decided that it didn’t feel right for a joint anniversary gift.  But we still both thought it was amazing and it inspired me to start periodically posting about some of the artist we love (in addition to my mom) and collect.

Mom In India And Japan

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My mom just hung a new exhibit of her photographs titled Japan and India: Faces and Places.


The images are spectacular – take a look at the slide show if you have any interest.  The show is up at the Mesquite Art Center, 1527 N. Galloway, Mesquite, Texas (972-216-6444) until May 3.  Congrats Mom on a beautiful looking show.

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