YPO Innovation Week

In March, YPO and Techstars launched a partnership to support high-growth entrepreneurship and innovation. As a kickoff to that, Techstars co-sponsored YPO Innovation Week.

I did a one hour interview with Kate Rogers from CNBC last Friday. It was a fun interview for me and I felt like we covered a lot of good stuff.

Steve Case kicked off YPO Innovation Week with an interview, also with Kate Rogers. I listened to it in advance of my interview and thought it was extremely well done.

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  • Richard

    Good Interview. As authentic as you are speaking on camera, I wonder if “Feld’s Thoughts” might be even more effective as a short video blog vs a short written blog?

    • Every now and then I think about doing more video or a podcast, but then something distracts me and I go back to whatever I was doing.

      • Richard

        Sounds like a human computer interaction problem

  • Yeah, I agree with Richard’s comments Brad. Listening as opposed to reading your musings adds another layer to the experience of learning what is in your head. It feels like we’re right there with you as your thoughts are forming. PLUS, I can listen and learn which simultaneously cleaning my kitchen. 🙂

    • Good reinforcement – I appreciate it.