The Dissonance of Snow in Boulder in May

Amazingly, I still haven’t conditioned myself to turn my phone horizontally when I take a video. I feel old.

I’m sitting in my condo downtown, drinking coffee, listening to Soundgarden, and contemplating the dissonance of so many things. I just got off a Facetime saying good morning to Amy and talking to Brooks and Cooper.

Both Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes died in the past 24 hours and I saw both alerts within 15 minutes of each other this morning.

I love Soundgarden, but I try not to listen to the lyrics too carefully. Unlike Pink Floyd, where I’ve got most of the albums memorized, I hang on to individual riffs. For me, Like Suicide is a love song, rather than an appeal for help, but it rattles me this morning as the snow comes down. I replace it in my head with all that you touch, all that you taste, all that you feel, all that you love, all that you hate, all you distrust, all you save, all that you give, all that you deal, all that you buy, beg, borrow or steal …

Things are amazing. Things are awful.

Life is complex. Dissonance abounds. And the Dude abides.

Strikes and gutters. Ups and downs.

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  • some of your most poetic writing yet… i dig it.

  • Take a deep breath. Know that someone loves you. Go walk in the snow.

  • one of my favorite posts by you. thanks.

  • Philip Regenie I love the dichotomy, as Brad calls it dissonance, of the word abides; on the one hand to accept, on the other to not tolerate. For me though, it represents peace, “In my heart abides good will towards all people.” Snow represents that same thing, quite adulation of reflective beauty. Thanks Brad. Good thoughts. When I was 5 my sisters first communion in May was on a snowy day.

  • John Fein

    Everything is everything.

  • Its a rainy day in Denver, no snow here. I too have music playing in my basement office as I contemplate the completion of the last semester, whew, 325 students. I listen to lyrics intensely and this song’s lyrics seem to represent the millennials better than anything I’ve heard for me…

  • Mike Masello

    Loved this post

  • TamiMForman

    And when I got back to NY on Thursday it was 93! After several cool and lovely days in Northern CA I felt like my brain broke. And then I went for a run, which was both my best and worst idea of the week. 🙂

  • Smitty

    This is my favorite all time bit of Brad Wisdom. Thanks for the really great perspective.

  • Alex Shohet

    What a great clip. I’m very sorry for his friends, family and fans. Addiction and mental illness is a plague. One weapon that is underutilized in the battle against addiction is entrepreneurship. RIP Chris Cornell

  • Paul Azous

    Brad’s best.

    Paul Azous