What Is Boulder Like?

I spent the last month in Arizona. I missed Boulder and thought I might need a refresher on what it’s like.

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  • Chris Heivly

    Saw this a few weeks ago and could not stop laughing. You have to be able to laugh at yourself and even though I am not a Boulder resident, my trips there make me a jr Boulderite.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • “Mid day the thing to do is get kombucha a shot of wheatgrass and to be resented by the vegans when they see me buying meat.”

  • Chris Monteleone

    This is great that I stumbled on this. I’m actually contemplating moving my family to Boulder. Sign me up! Sounds like you don’t even need to work!

  • piascikj

    Haha. This is great! Just no dogs on Pearl St. 🙁

  • Glenn Neal

    A dog for mayor? If an animal mayor, such as Stubbs (very dutifully performing his duties), is good enough for Talkeetna, it’s certainly good enough for Boulder. Add in one vote from me.

  • Hahah. Love it!

  • Tim Bates

    Nore do we actually elect a Mayor. the council just appoints the person they think is hippest