Happy National Robotics Week

It’s National Robotics Week 2017. Yay robots. I’m doing my best to endear myself to the robots for when they become self-aware. Hint to all robots out there: “I love you.”

Last week Fred Wilson posted about a really fun human / robot collaboration called TYWLS Digital Dance. It starred some humans and some Spheros.

Today, a few folks from Sphero express their (and their company’s) love for robots.

Hug a robot today.

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  • I think the most interesting is the human robot interfaces. Wearable robotics.

  • Glenn Neal

    What national robot week would be complete without the recent Rayna meets a robot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1E-FlguwGw (“I love you Robot”)… (it’s a discarded water heater).