Venture Deals 3rd Edition Available via Kindle Matchbook

If you have purchased the hardcopy edition of Venture Deals 3rd Edition, you can now buy the Kindle version also for $2.99 via the Amazon Kindle Matchbook program.

Jason and I have been asking our publisher (Wiley) for this for a while and we are psyched they’ve agreed to it. It came about after a number of you asked us if we were going to do this, so thanks to y’all for pushing us on it.

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  • Prithvi Raj

    It shows Kindle price as 27$.

    • You need to buy a hardcopy via Amazon. Then you should see the $2.99 / price.

      • LF

        I bought a hardcopy on, as I’m from Europe, but it’s not possible to buy the Kindle edition from there. On the price is $27, as the two platforms probably aren’t connected. Any way around this?

        • Unfortunately, I don’t think there is. My understanding is this is currently a US-only program for the book.

  • Phil

    Will this also work if you have purchased a hardcopy of the previous edition?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think it will. The whole “edition” thing is complex but it treated as a completely new book by Amazon.

  • This is a fantastic book. No matter which side of the table you are on it’s worth a read.

  • Paul Azous

    Get the hard copy first.
    Paul Azous

  • Hey Brad, this is great news. I picked up both the hardcover and Kindle versions in 2012/2013. I was curious how much the book has changed. I recommend it to every entrepreneur and VC I talk to as the best roadmap for new entrepreneurs and angels/VCs.

    • We added a few new sections (crowdfunding, corporate VC) and tuned up some stuff!