Funding All Projects on DonorsChoose in Alaska

Amy and I just funded all of the unfunded DonorsChoose projects in Alaska as part of the annual DonorsChoose #BestSchoolDay event. As part of the #BestSchoolDay program, your donation is matched. In all of the Alaska projects, Aspect Ventures matched our donation. Huge thanks to Jennifer Fonstad, Theresia Gouw, and team!

Amy grew up in Alaska and we have a house in Homer, which is what motivated us to support Alaska this year on #BestSchoolDay. As I was supporting projects, I saw one in Homer and a few Sphero and littleBits requests which made me smile.

We’ve been continuous supporters of DonorsChoose for many years. Whenever I have a shitty day, I often go to DonorsChoose and support a few projects. It’s generated some incredibly satisfying moments for me, like a connection with Monica Zamora, a fourth grade teacher in Edgewater, NJ. I funded several programs for her students including some BB-8s and some littleBits. I gave a 30 minute Skype talk to her class, where I met a budding CEO of a new company called SockWorld who pitched me on her new business around socks. Or, the time I got a note from Norma Gibson at Carr Creek Elementary in Littcarr, Kentucky. At her initiative, she pointed me to a number of projects at her school which we funded. Her appreciation – for her students – lept out through the email to me.

If you are motivated to participate, I encourage you to pick some projects on DonorsChoose in the city you grew up in.

Today, we funded 72 projects, which delights us. If you want to see a few examples, check out:

White Boards to Think It, Write It, and Share It!

Math in the 21st Century

Who, What, When and Where: Books With Answers

Building Young Architects

Geocaching Field Experience

Got Power? We Need Charging Stations

Good Women’s Hygiene

Science Books and Supplies

Iditarod: The Last Great READ

Coding Into the Future!

Maker Space For Twenty-First Century Learners

Putting the DNA in our DNA Fingerprint

Little Bits for Science Exploration

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  • Kim Pond Ela

    Thank you so much for supporting teachers on #BestSchoolDay! Having a network of supporters does wonders for classrooms. We invite any potential supporters to visit our classroom projects (also supported by Aspect Ventures) and sprinkle some love at We appreciate the support every single day but thank you for making #BestSchoolDay an especially magical one for so many classrooms!

  • Laura Basone Bartolomeo

    On behalf of all teachers, THANK YOU! What a way to give a teacher the support needed to make a difference in the lives of their students! People like you make every day the #BestSchoolDay!

  • Gloria Osorio

    Thank you very much for supporting teachers in Alaska today and teachers around the country throughout the year. You have made many students very happy.

  • Yun

    I am mother of the budding CEO of SockWorld, Eva. Ms. Zamora and I went crazy with your article. I truly appreciate your donation for her class and making my daughter celebrity 🙂

    • Eva is awesome!

    • Daisy Chun

      This Daisy and I am Eva’s piano teacher in edgewater. I am so proud of her being a great leader and helping out for needed in our country. Edgewater is a small town in new jersey but has a excellent curriculums, wonderful teachers and of course greatest kids like Eva. Not only Eva has a beautiful heart but also very talented kid. Great job, Eva!

  • Monica Zamora

    Mr. Feld, you have graciously donated monetary means to complete my donorschoose projects. In addition, the time you gave us during the Skype call was priceless. You lit a spark in my students and myself. Since then, I have been reading your blogs religiously, starting from the beginning. Yes. The very beginning. I am transferring what I learn from the blogs into my classroom. I have 21 students and I will measure my success upon the number of start up companies my students successfully navigate into. Both you and your wife are inspirational and without a doubt are changing and molding the future. I hope to visit Colorado soon or attend a workshop by you or your company. Teachers play a vital role in shaping the future; what better way to get ahead of the game than to build relationships with the ‘real world’. Again, I hope my thank you’s are not getting jaded. THANK YOU Mr. Feld.

    • Wow – huge smiles!