Back From Vacation

Amy and I just took a two-week vacation. We were mostly off the grid, to the extent we could be given several things we were working on together. We hid from the world, caught our breath, and regrouped.

I often get asked what my rhythm is on a vacation like this. It’s simple – I have no rhythm or schedule. My days are organized around waking up when I feel like it and going to bed when I’m tired. When I look at my Fitbit sleep data, I got at least nine hours of sleep every day. My resting heart rate was 62 at the beginning of the month (down from 69 when I declared a travel moratorium) and is 57 today.

I do have a few things I do each day. I meditate first thing for 20 minutes. Amy and I three meals together. I exercise, which on this trip included ramping up my running nicely. I take an afternoon nap. And I try to read at least once book a day.

We have a few friends living near where we are hiding so we have had some fun dinners together. We went and saw the movie Logan in the middle of the day and walked around a shopping mall for a few hours. We thought about going to a sporting event but never managed to pull it off. And we’ve watched zero TV.

Usually, we take a week off the grid each quarter. This time I felt like I needed more, so we took two weeks. I’m glad I did.

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  • I never seem to get enough time with my wife (a public school principal) or our (now adult) kids – who now live in Denver. The nuclear family has become less nuclear and my time on earth has become decidedly shorter, yet I still think I can contribute and create for years longer, All a lot to process a few weeks before turning 71

  • I’ve been away on an extended vacation, and what scares me the most about re-entry this time is the reclamation to wake-up time and bed-time. rising and falling based on nothing other than natural/internal clock has been heaven.

    • Yeah – I hate waking up for any reason other than I’m ready to wake up.

  • You sound refreshed — very nice to hear.
    I could use a change of environment too, I feel a little T-I-A-D* these days, and I live in Canada — imagine…. 🙂
    (*Trump-Induced-Anxiety Disorder)

  • Alan Robayo McDowell

    Interesting collection of readings, I just finished reading the “The Golden Section” by Scott Olsen, and “Learn or Die” by Ed Hess – very good reads. Also, I read your conversation with Amy Stursberg, and I would love to get involved in the Boulder or Denver startup community. Can these assignments be done remotely?

    • Yup – just email me to connect.