Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams on Amazon

Early this morning I saw an email from Dave that pointed me at a giant bundle of happiness.

Bryan Cranston Will Bring Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams to Series

So – let’s go through all the parts of awesomeness of this.

First, Philip K. Dick is one of my favorite sci-fi writers. One summer, about five or so years ago, I bought every PKD book I could find in paperback (almost all of them.) I started reading them from first to last. I’ve gotten through about half of them and have sporadically read others. He gets some things so totally right and others so completely wrong. It’s delicious.

Next, as a die-hard BSG fan, I can’t resist anything by Ronald D. Moore. Enough said on that one.

Then, we’ve got Brian Cranston. I’ve never been able to get Amy into Breaking Bad so I’m afraid that’s going to be a guilty pleasure that I end up doing solo. But I know – from many friends – the depth of Brian Cranston. So, now I’ll have a way to loop Amy into watching him, which might get her interested in Breaking Bad again.

And finally – Amazon. Dear Amazon – the content you are doing is dynamite! Good job.

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  • Kevin OSullivan

    Hi Brad, Strong agree on the PKD reads – I’ve got a Kindle full! Brian Cranston will absolutely own this, really looking forward to seeing the outcome. I’m not as locked and loaded as you on Amazon’s delivery after their take on ‘Man in the High Tower’ which (humble opinion) has been drawn out far beyond my attention span, but everyone gets at least one Mulligan… 😉

    • We only watched Season One of Man in the High Tower. I think these should be one season only shows.

  • Amazing! PKD + Cranston sounds like a solid win.

    Have you seen Sneaky Pete? Cranston is also awesome in that series.

    • Not yet but you are the second person who has said I should watch that. So I will!