Alexa, Techstars, and Cooper

Recently, Amazon’s Alexa team and Techstars launched The Alexa Accelerator, powered by Techstars, Last week, a bunch of fun skills have been integrated into Alexa. I thought I’d give some a try. Cooper, my intrepid two year old super alpha golden retriever shows up around a minute into the video when I do my favorite Alexa skill, the Woof Woof.

If you have an Alexa, give these a try.

What is the Alexa Accelerator?
What is a start-up accelerator?/What is a startup incubator?
How do I / can I apply to the Alexa Accelerator?
Who should apply to the Alexa Accelerator?/Should I apply to the Alexa Accelerator?
What is the Alexa fund?
Where will the Alexa Accelerator take place?
When are applications due for the Alexa Accelerator?/By when should I apply…
What is Techstars?/Who is Techstars?

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  • maheshguruswamy

    This is awesome! Really proud to be part of Alexa and seeing how far it has come.

  • JohnLaGrou

    I was driving around L.A. with my son. He shared this idea for a story in which Alexa, Siri, OKGoogle, and Cortana devices were all placed side-by-side. It started out as a pleasant conversation, but then accelerated into an all-out battle of the IPAs, ending with Note-7-like meltdowns. An alternative story line had all four IPAs collaborating and conspiring to take over the world, shutting down entire cities.

  • Paul Azous

    Cool, thanks Alexa, keep it up.

    Paul Azous, CEO