Got Gluten? Buy Nima

I’m just back from a week in Australia with David Cohen to a note that Nima, a company we invested in last year, is now shipping their Gluten Sensor in volume. If you have Celiac disease, the Nima gluten sensor is a must have. If you are sensitive to Gluten, it’s still a must have.

Give it a try and give me feedback.

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  • Heather Schwartz

    Are they being sold here yet? I was diagnosed with celiacs 2 years ago, and would love this!

    • Yup – you should be able to order directly off the Nima site – just click a link in the post.

    • try products. gluten free and tasty. the Nima looks pretty cool and it doesn’t look bulky which is nice.

  • simone_brunozzi

    My understanding is that you need to continuously buy test capsules. It is a typical example of an artificial, forced way to ask customers for recurring payments. I don’t like it. Please pass this feedback to them.

    • Matt Kruza

      I know nothing of the underlying pricing, but if I am reading right it cost $6 for every test… this is obviously a huge profit point for them and/or is necessary due to extremely high cost of the underlying tech? Idk, but either way it does appear that the price makes this something that can only be used sparingly. If you were trying a new meal with three different items to test that would be almost $20 just to see if you can eat?? Perhaps I am misunderstanding the product and pricing, just seems hard to find a market

      • urban_mermaid

        Hi Simone & Matt, thanks for the questions. A little more background on the product and why there are test capsules at all in the first place. Nima is designed to be highly sensitive – so we’re looking for 20 parts per million of gluten. When the company first started, they looked at various technologies for detection. The very best method that could get to this level of detection is a chemistry based test (spectroscopy, for example, just isn’t sensitive enough). For more on that specific decision:

        You ask about one time use capsules – long term we’d love to find a way to eliminate them, but unfortunately, they are necessary for a couple reasons. One, it would be virtually impossible for a consumer to clean anything out if the test did come back for gluten. Second, we are a chemistry based test and you need a fresh capsule for each test. More detail here:

        In terms of the number of capsules per meal, it varies. Most community members are testing 2 – 3 times per week, and generally those are food items or situations of greatest concern. You can blend items from a single plate in a capsule. This weekend for example, someone posted a photo of a Caesar Salad, where they tested lettuce, dressing, and some chicken. You could do the same and test some veggies, curry sauce, and rice. Or, it could be that you’re only worried about shared fryers and shared pasta water. People who are more vigilant in what they avoid will likely send back an entire plate even if only one item contains gluten, while others may just not eat that one item. Our community members tend to be well aware of foods and cooking environments that may be an issue for them.

  • I very much hope this (a) helps people with a real gluten problem, but as important (b) doesn’t enable the much larger number who don’t have a problem and are just being conned.