Looking for a Writer and a WordPress Goddess

I’ve decided to hire two people for 2017: a full time writer and a full time WordPress Goddess (or God – I’m good with either gender …)

I’ve been very reticent to add people to our team. However, at this point it’s clear that I can get a lot of leverage from two very specific people.

Writer: I’m looking for a full time non-fiction writer. This is not a research function, but rather a writing / editing / coordination function. The amount of writing I do is significant, but there is 5x more to do than I can handle. I’m turning down a lot of stuff that I’d like to write and putting off stuff into an infinite backlog which doesn’t feel good. So, having someone writing first drafts, editing stuff I slap together, writing some primary content, and helping get it posted in the right places would be a big help.

WordPress Goddess: I contribute to four – soon to be five – blogs that my best assessment of is a hot mess of different configurations. Every time I fiddle around with something on one of them I break something else. Ideally I’d be able to normalize everything into one configuration, but I accept that this will always be changing. The person I’m looking for here has a mix of design skills and WordPress programming / config skills. In addition, there’s a bunch of other stuff in the infinite backlog of goodness to work on.

Each of these people would work directly for me. Optimally they’d live in or move to Boulder, but that’s not a requirement. They must be interested in entrepreneurship and be able to deal with lots of ambiguity. They must be comfortable with a lack of daily structure and reporting. They must be able to work remotely at times.

I’m willing to make a two year commitment to them, so they need to be willing to make a two year commitment to me.

If you are interested, just email me at [email protected]. If you know someone who might be a fit, please forward this post to them.

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  • awaldstein

    Stay public with your search for a writer as it opens a can of ambiguities. Interesting ones.

    Very early in my career I was a ghost writer. Wrote stuff (books, speeches, proposals, articles) for an expert.

    My job was to channel them. Job description back then was similar to yours

    Didn’t think and don’t really know that I believe that in today’s reality this is possible.

    Interesting topic.

    Have a great holiday Brad.

  • Friggin awesome opportunity for someone who lives in Boulder or who is mobile. (It’ll be unnecessarily hard to do it over the long distance, I think, should that be considered.) Will they work from home or will they have a cubicle at Foundry?

    • We have space at our office.

      • Mark feld

        Jesus Christ, please jump out of the window of your office

  • ktinboulder

    Shouldn’t this exist?

    1. You share ideas/drafts with a small Community that wants to volunteer their time and help you write.
    2. Members of this Community tag a few posts they are interested in contributing to and collaborate with each other.
    3. A Web/News/Social crawler + AI is running to summarize similar, relevant ideas to assist the Writer.
    4. You curate and post to all channels with one click. Metrics + AI help you understand which posts perform the best, when and why.

  • James Mitchell

    As for the WordPress Goddess, it is uncommon for someone to be gifted at both:

    1. UX / UI / Design

    2. WordPress technical details

    So one might consider splitting up the roles. In most cases, no. 1 would not be a full-time position. No. 1 would produce Photoshop PSD files for the WP expert. If you want someone who is really good at no. 1, you probably can’t hire them, as they will already have a good client base.

    If you get rid of the requirement that the WP expert be good at design, then you can be really strict about how technical they are — i.e., they should be a real PHP / Javascript developer and they should be able to write a WP plugin and a WP theme from scratch.

    As for the writer, at a minimum they should know HTML.

    • Manon

      It may be uncommon to be gifted at both. But I am both. Started out as a print designer, and now take care of technical WP details for my clients, sometimes designing promotional pieces for them as well. So, it’s not an outrageous requirement.

      • James Mitchell

        Manon, a few questions:

        1. Do you understand semantic HTML?
        2. Can you write a plugin from scratch?
        3. Can you write a child theme from scratch?
        4. Do you go to WordCamp every year?
        5. Can you program in PHP and JavaScript?

  • Jason Randell

    Where did the core of this thought stem from?

    • I thought I encapsulated the reasoning in the two descriptions. The short version is (a) I’m writing a lot but still have a big backlog and (b) the CMS I’m using is not consistent.

  • Sackajawei Feld

    What about all those wordpress gods?? Maybe they can help with your pretentious stick up your behind writing style