I’m a VC and the Worst of Times

It’s Sunday and it’s -8 degrees in Boulder. Egads. As I sat in my warm office catching up on email from the week, I sent links to our Foundry Group videos to a friend that had never seen them. I realized two things: (1) I’m still annoyed with Ryan for accidentally deleting our Youtube account and resetting the counters on both videos from > 100,000 views to 0 views and (2) A bunch of people in my world have probably never seen these videos.

So – for your viewing pleasure, here are me and my partners making fun of ourselves. As a special bonus, check out my singing and dance movies. And Seth – well – enough said.

If you see Jason in the next few weeks, tell him that it’s time to make Video #3 so we can get Lindel in the mix. Maybe the next one will be called “I’m an LP.”

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  • Wow, can’t unsee this one. 😉

  • I give Ryan credit for trying hard. But the GOOG wasn’t in the mode to help out.

    • That’s plain evil — I thought they didn’t do that, he he he! More seriously, and be honest, I’m not surprised. It would have been the gracious thing to do; they’d have access to the archived metrics in a flash. It’s quite telling that they wouldn’t help, actually.

      • Apparently there was no way to do it, according to Google. We didn’t struggle with it – we tried, it didn’t work, we moved on.

        • They would have had to add/modify a few lines of code, but they can’t do that without due process, I get it. Well Brad, I hope you can take comfort in the fact that at least you can talk to Google. I once flew all the way from Toronto to visit the Valley, and Google wouldn’t let me in the building — no way. They wouldn’t even despatch their lowest ranked officer to politely brush me off. It was closer to “get the f**k off the property, we just watered the lawn.” On the other hand, I met one of the Zynga IT guys in SF, and he offered me a tour of their landmark building. Guess which company left me feeling warm and fuzzy?

          Have a good week and stay warm.

  • Varun

    Hello I have some stories what should I do with it. Is there anyone can guide me

  • jerrycolonna

    Jason. Dammit. We need that third video. Stop slacking off. Get on it.