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I turned 51 today. I’ve been telling people I’m 33 (since that’s my age in hex) and when I feel like having people say “whoa – you look a lot younger than that” I say I’m 63 (since that’s my age in octal). I like to look forward on my birthday instead of backwards, so when I woke up this morning I had a handful of things in my head for the next version of myself. So, here’s what I’m going to try to incorporate into v51.

No Booze: I’ve never been a big drinker (my parents don’t drink so other than awful Manischewitz wine on the jewish holidays I rarely saw booze as a kid. I don’t really like wine or beer that much so my go to drink is scotch. I have a moderator problem with all things in life – I’m either off (abstainer) or on (all in) so it’s a lot easier for me to abstain. I go through long no-drinking phases and I feel like v51 should be one of them.

Mission Sub-200: I weighed in this morning at 218. My weight fluctuates between 205 and 220 depending on how much I pay attention to it. My adult low weight is 192 and I feel really good around 200 so in v51 I’m going to figure out a combination of food and exercise that gets me permanently below 200. Fortunately, I have an awesome coach (Gary Ditsch) who can help me with that and I expect the no booze feature will help.

Religious Digital Sabbath: When I take Friday night through Saturday night off the grid (Digital Sabbath) I always feel a lot better on all dimensions. I’ve been inconsistent about this in v50. For v51 I’m going to be religious about it.

Focus On My 2%: I’ve written about this many times in different ways. On a daily basis, I pay almost no attention to the macro. When I was a kid, my dad once said to me “focus on the 2% you can impact and spend all your time there.” That’s generally how I live my life, although like many others I got swept up into the most recent election madness and found myself spending a non-trivial amount of time paying attention to the macro, even when I knew I couldn’t impact it. I’m recommitting my energy to my 2%, recognizing that my whole world is a network and my activity is almost entirely bottom up engagement rather than top down. v51 is recommitted to that.

Reset Social Media: While I’ve always been a broadcaster on social media (primarily Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), my consumption and engagement patterns ebb and flow. For v51, I’m going to select ebb. So, while I’ll still be broadcasting, I won’t be engaging or reading the streams. Email remains the best way to get me, although I will continue 1:1 interaction via whatever channels find their way to me (SMS, txt, FBM, LI, DM).

More Maker Mode Expansion: v51 will include more travel and more maker mode. I’m writing daily again and working on several books (the 2nd Edition of Startup Opportunities and the 1st Edition of Give First.) I get so much emotional and intellectual joy out of the process that I’m just going to let it be a bigger part of v51.

Travel Mode Expansion: I’ve been traveling more and feel like I’ve figured out a comfortable way to do it. The biggest shift is that I spend my traveling time “in the moment”, I don’t over schedule when I’m somewhere and instead focus on longer time with less people. I also give myself plenty of me time on the road. I’ll take longer breaks from any travel or settle in one place for longer stretches with Amy. v51 will try this again, but will be careful not to over do it.

Those are the big features I am modifying or expansion packs I’m adding. As today is day 0 of version 51, I expect I’ll iterate on plenty of these – and others – on my way to v51.365.

For those of you who have wished me happy birthday on Facebook and Twitter, thank you (per my reset social media, don’t expect a reply on my wall …) For my one friend who called me on the phone to wish me happy birthday, I treasure what is now a 34 year (in decimal) friendship. And, for everyone else, v51 looks forward to engaging with you.

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    Have an amazing journey fellow traveler. Look forward to meeting you in person one day to match the words with the person.

  • Charles McCreary

    Excellent. I just turned 38, 70, or 56.
    I’m going to do the same – CRM v56.0, with a few necessary tweaks.

    I’ve been spending a lot of time in Boulder now that my daughter is in law school at CU.
    Beautiful town, nice running trails, good fishing!

    • Super – holler when you are next in town.

  • Happy v51 Brad. Love the version application to birthdays. 🙂

    • Hah – thx – nice to hear from you!

  • MHSzymczyk

    Happy 30th Anniversary of your 21st Birthday! At least that’s how I view another year so it doesn’t quite feel like getting old 😉

    • Ooh – I love that!

  • “Why we get fat and what to do about it” Gary Taubes
    it’s about carbs

    • Damn carbs …

      • Ketonic diet unquestionably works, but it means giving up some of our most treasured naughtiness.

  • Nicole Volpe Miller

    Happy binary 110011 <— much more symmetrical written out like this.

    • It is indeed a wonderful binary year.

  • Ryan D

    Happy Birthday Brad.
    I hope everything is going well for you.
    May this year be your best one yet.

    Also, I recently moved back to Boulder and I’m located just four blocks from your office. I would love to meet you for a lunch, a coffee, or just a quick hello if and when you might have some time.

    Wish you the best.


    • Welcome back to Boulder. Find me at a public event and say hi!

  • Harsha G

    Happy Birthday Brad! Thanks for your blogs, I always learn something from them.

    I’m on the same boat with too much wasted time on the election cycle this year…


  • RE: Mission Sub-200

    Before indulging in a girth-building treat, check the time and go about your life* for the next 15 minutes. Don’t set an alarm or reminder. If after 15 minutes you still crave the girth-building treat, go ahead (in moderation). If not, you’ll be that much closer to 200.

    *really do something – don’t just wait around for the time to pass

  • Happy Birthday Brad! And don’t forget that in a couple of years you can be 16 (16th prime number) at v53 :-).

  • Rich Weisberger

    Hey Brad – I’ve been helping friends with food choices that lead to weight loss since the age of 18! Way before it became popular! I had a sugar free fat free yogurt cheese cake stand at the engineering entrepreneur club in college! (I’m been a little early on a few things in life). Let me give you a hand? No stings, I just love talking diets/food. Give me six months and I’ll get you to sub 200. Shoot me a email at the end of each meal, tell me what you had and why you had it (craving, convenience etc). I’ll respond with one simple substitution. [email protected]

  • Felix Dashevsky

    Happy Birthday, Brad.

  • Philip Beer

    “It’s never too late to become what you were known for”. 51 is the beginning Brad. Happy birthday! – Phil Beer

  • Happy Birthday. I found that bringing big time weight training into the routine caused me to lose weight easier. Heavy weight, slow. Not a lot of repetitions and do it to muscle failure once or two times per week for 30-40 min each session.

    • Thx. I’ve heard this many times over the years and think it’s time to finally do it …

  • Happy birthday Brad. I hope you do write more, even if shorter posts — I read most of them and they help. Happy holidays!

    • Thx – lots coming in v51 …

  • Happy grat birthday Brad! Visit us.!

  • Jake

    Congrats! I always find I’m the best version of myself when I simplify and habitualize (not a word) my current goals.