Looking for New Science Fiction?

If you – like me – love science fiction, I encourage you to support the new sci-fi magazine Compelling Science Fiction. The editor, Joe Stech, lives in the Boulder area and has been actively involved in the Boulder/Denver startup community. He’s using Patreon as a funding model, which I’m a big fan of for new and indie writers.

Also published on Medium.

  • David Simmons

    I just started reading these (and signed up for the Patreon) last week. I was wondering if it was getting some traction, so it’s encouraging to see that others are recommending it. I had no idea the editor was local!

  • Joe Stech

    Thanks Brad, your support means a lot to us!

  • Top of mind topic at the moment for me, thanks for sharing. I’ll look into both resources.

  • very cool idea. I tried my hand at writing and self-publishing, but not sure if Kindle is ever going to make me rich (though I did it more for the experience, so curious to see if this continues to grow and gain traction)

  • Mark Rubin

    that’s a cool idea