Dan Primack’s Next Newsletter

If you are a VC then you know Dan Primack. You also probably know that yesterday was the last day he wrote his magnificent daily newsletter The Term Sheet. It’s been a daily read of mine for – well – as long as I can remember. So I was delighted to see this tweet from Dan first thing this morning.


I will now have five things that I read every day to get coverage of the VC and deal landscape in my world.

The only other daily / continuous information I get is Techmeme River (which streams into a Slack channel) and Google Alerts on all the companies we are investors in. There’s plenty more in my RSS Reader (Feedly) including my VC feed but I don’t look at that daily.

Dan – congrats on the new gig. And thanks for continuing to do a newsletter!

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  • Sebastien Latapie

    Hadn’t signed up for the StrictlyVC one! Thank you for sharing – I’ve been enjoying these types of newsletters lately. Also have it going for everything healthcare. It makes for quite a bit of reading.