Hillary Clinton’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation

Yesterday Hillary Clinton announced her Initiative on Technology & Innovation at Galvanize in Denver. I skimmed it quickly and was pleased with how substantive it was. I pondered what Trump’s equivalent would be and decided it is likely to be a tweet that says “Technology loves me.” Fred Wilson had a more constructive suggestion this morning, where he listed out the specific topics he felt were important to address and said that Hillary has now weighed in on them and he’d like to see Trump do the same.

I just read Hillary’s briefing carefully to understand what I agreed with, disagreed with, and thought needed more fleshing out. I didn’t fundamentally disagree with anything and was delighted to see a number of the initiatives I’ve been working on included. Regular readers of this blog will see lots of congruency with my efforts around National Center for Woman and Information Technology, Startup CommunitiesStartup Visa, Global EIR Coalition, Techstars Foundation, Net Neutrality, Open Internet, and Patent Reform.

Similar to my post yesterday on the agenda for the The Center for American Entrepreneurship I’m going to list the outline of the initiatives as an easily accessible overview. If this topic is interesting to you, it’s worth spending ten minutes and reading the full text of the Hillary Clinton Initiative on Technology & Innovation. And, in all seriousness, I hope Donald Trump puts out something similar so we can compare them.

Building the Tech Economy on Main Street

  • Invest in Computer Science and STEM Education
  • Building the Human Talent Pipeline for 21st Century Jobs
  • Increase Access to Capital for Growth-Oriented Small Businesses and Startups, with a Focus on Minority, Women, and Young Entrepreneurs
  • Attract and Retain the Top Talent from Around the World
  • Invest in Science and Technology R&D and Make Tech Transfer Easier
  • Ensure Benefits are Flexible, Portable, and Comprehensive as Work Changes

Investing In World-Class Digital Infrastructure

  • Close the Digital Divide
  • Launch a “Model Digital Communities” Grant Program
  • Connect More Anchor Institutions to High-Speed Internet
  • Deploy 5G Wireless and Next Generation Wireless Systems

Advancing America’s Global Leadership in Tech & Innovation

  • Fight for an Open Internet Abroad
  • Promote Multi-Stakeholder Internet Governance
  • Grow American Technology Exports
  • Promote Cyber-Security at Home and Abroad
  • Safeguard the Free Flow of Information Across Boarders
  • Update Procedures Concerning Cross-Border Requests for Data by Law Enforcement

Setting Rules of the Road to Promote Innovation While Protecting Privacy

  • Reduce Barriers to Entry and Promote Healthy Competition
  • Defend Net Neutrality
  • Improve the Patent System to Reward Innovators
  • Effective Copyright Policy
  • Commercial Data Privacy
  • Protect Online Privacy as well as Security

Smarter and More Innovative Government

  • Make Government Simpler and More User Friendly
  • Open up More Government Data for Public Uses
  • Harden Federal Networks to Improve Cybersecurity
  • Facilitate Citizen Engagement in Government Innovation
  • Use Technology to Improve Outcomes and Drive Government Accountability

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  • Now that we have Hillary’s program, how sincere do you think she is with the plan? Do you think this is just a ploy for tech votes or a real stance for tech?

    • I operate from the perspective that it’s real.

  • James Mitchell

    This is a good list. I would add: Ensure that in the next 5000 years the U.S. does not even think about the possibility of giving up its control over the Internet, particularly to the United Nations.

  • There certainly seems to be a lot things on this list that result in the govt. spending. That seems like it will be difficult to me in this environment where the item “Gradually But Significantly Reduce the Federal Budget Deficit and National Debt” was on the Christmas list a couple days ago.

    I have no idea what Trump will say but my guess is any self respecting Repuke will criticize the spending and mainly call for reduced regulation as a means to boost profits -> investments in these things. So probably more focused on the “Setting the Rules” stuff on Hillary’s list.

  • The only major comment I have on this is that we all need to share this post. These are specifics. They can be hard to come by in an election year.

  • Really?

    A great list but better executed by individuals and dynamic groups within the tech community! Individuals are the building blocks of community, there is not prosperity without responsibility and individuals not the government own responsibility for growth, innovation, and profit for the next generation of Start-ups!

  • JLM

    Did I miss the part about her policy initiatives on cyber security?

    This woman is a grifter and an idiot. Believing she has a iota of knowledge on the subject of technology requires a suspension of disbelief so enormous as to be capable of stopping the blood flow to your brain. Only with such stopped blood flow, would any of this tripe be considered.

    Are we reduced in America to being unable to discern between chicken salad and chicken excrement? [Pro tip: Use the smell test. It doesn’t come close to passing the smell test.]

    To believe any of this — given both her complete lack of integrity and her monumental cockup as it relates to l’affaire email — reflects on the believers themselves. Are you that gullible?

    Would you welcome a cabinet made up of the Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy?

    We are not reduced to looking for tech leadership from people who cannot conquer email, fax machines, and driving an auto, are we?

    Then, again, I realize a lot of y’all are probably under sniper fire as you are reading this article. Having a passing acquaintance with sniper fire myself, I cannot tell you the number of times I mistook pretty, young, flower maidens for snipers. Happens all the time.

    Roll over, your IQ is leaking out your downhill ear.

    [I suspect this is a microaggression which is a disappointment as I was targeting a macroaggression.]

    Be well. Be smart.


    • She may be many things. An idiot is not one of them. I’ll excuse your hyperbole however as I know how hard it is for you to control your hatred of the Clintons, and Obama, and…oh…I don’t know….lots of politicians who aren’t off center enough for you.

      Of course she doesn’t understand technology or tech policy. Her job isn’t to do so. Her job is to have advisors who are expert. The fact that Fred and Brad feel that the topics addressed are sound suggests she has such a team.

      • JLM

        She is an idiot — an utterly foolish or senseless person — as proven by her reckless lying and obfuscation. As validated by her ham handed l’affaire email.

        People who associate themselves with character traits to which they aspire but do not possess, such as being cool under sniper fire, give us a keen insight into their souls.

        It is black and dingy.

        In the future, please do not excuse my hyperbole (whatever that is).

        A woman who does not understand how to operate email, fax, or drive is not a woman who knows how to manage tech or tech policy. Sorry. Those are really the low hurdles.


        • You are so far over the top on this. Your judgement and humor are excellent on so many things. But this isn’t balanced at all, it’s just hating and it’s beneath you.

          • JLM

            Not even close. It is the lying about the four dead Americans at Benghazi.

            The pandering to the false meme that Osama Bin Laden was dead and that Al Qaeda was on the run 56 days from the election.

            She lied to those men’s kin about the nature of their deaths toward what end? What was in her soul?

            To the false meme of an election?

            She is beneath contempt.

            As a veteran, I despise her. Not for who she is but what she did. Those facts are immutable.


          • If you think posting hyperbolic inflammatory stuff like this has the effect of persuading people to vote for Trump, it says more about you than the candidates.

  • “I pondered what Trump’s equivalent would be and decided it is likely to be a tweet that says “Technology loves me.””

    Pretty much nailed it. You just forgot to mention how great it was going to be.

  • Jim Patterson

    While I shudder to think about the Trump equivalent, there are two positions that she advocates that are flat out wrong (I took the time to read the entire doc before posting). First, under “Close the Digital Divide” section, she proposes continuing the Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program or BTOP. This is what brought us such gems as Eagle-Net (see also the New York Times article on BTOP dated Feb 11, 2013). Neither CAF nor BTOP solve the rural problem because they try to impose technology on rural America. Bad policy (but good for CenturyLink, Consolidated Communciations, TDS, and Windstream). Second, her wording on “Ensuring Benefits are Portable, etc.” is good on problem definition and poor on solution. More ACA is not the answer: higher premiums, higher deductibles, less choice (and perhaps no PPOs). Lived it for four years and I would encourage others who have lived in the ACA as an entrepreneur to speak out (and Brad, you should try out the ACA for a couple of years before aspousing it to your readers). It’s platitudes are good (and having the right objectives are impt), but it’s got at least two policies that are dead wrong and need significant revisions if the USA wants to be the future source of innovation.