AI Screenplay Writing Has a Long Way to Go

Sunspring, the first known screenplay written by an AI, was produced recently. It is awesome. Awesomely awful. But it’s worth watching all ten minutes of it to get a taste of the gap between a great screenplay and something an AI can currently produce.

It is intense as ArsTechnica states, but that’s not because of the screenplay. It’s because of the incredible acting by Thomas Middleditch and Elisabeth Gray, who turned an almost illiterate script into an incredible five minute experience. Humphrey Ker, on the other hand, appears to just be a human prop.

AI has a very long way to go. But it’s going to get there very fast because it understands exponential curves.


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  • Speaking as a screenwriter with 20 years experience I can state with total confidence that AI screenwriting is the way to go because an AI won’t give a shit when it gets stupid notes from producers, when its dialogue is rewritten by actors, when the director changes the story on a whim or the studio orders a radical recut.

    • And AI will make editing all the more relevant so that the script sticks to the context!

  • Lol. It reminds me of some performance art pieces I’ve seen…

  • It’s missing intent — I feel as though I’ve listened to … nothing.

  • DaveJ

    Have you seen Shatner’s interpretation of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech? Great actors can create meaning out of gibberish.

  • Dr. Pete

    I’m not usually the most gung-ho futurist, but I have a strong feeling that this is the kind of thing we’re going to laugh about today and be amazed by in 10-20 years when we see how far it progresses and how quickly. And by “amazed”, I’m not sure if I mean “horrified.”