Writing, Running, and Reading

Snoopy in SummertimeIt’s summertime and Snoopy is happy.

I’m happy also. Summer is my favorite season. I’ve always been at my most creative in the summer and some of the profound life experiences that influenced me happened during the summer.

When I was a pre-teen, summer meant tennis. Endless tennis. Eight+ hours a day in the Texas heat except for the three weeks I went to Camp Champions.  It was awesome. I remember one summer with over 30 days of temperatures over 100 degrees. A break for lunch inside at the North Dallas Racquet Club felt really decadent. It was always a challenge to get back outside at 1pm, but we did it. And kept playing tennis.

I spent the summer between 11th grade and 12th grade living in Knightsbridge, just outside of London, and working for Centronics at their office in South Kensington. I wrote software on an Apple ][ to design the character sets for Centronics printers, ran a lot, learned how to drink beer, got into the drama of the Falklands War, and endured a Tube strike.

In college, summer meant going back home to Dallas. I worked for PetCom for several summers, putting in 80 – 100 hours per week writing software. Then one summer I rented a house at 2430 Denmark in Garland, Texas from my mom where Feld Technologies really got its start. I drove my mom’s Mercedes 240D around that summer – it went from 0 to 60 in about two minutes.

You get the idea. Every summer is a different adventure for me. Several years ago I wrote Startup Communities and Startup Life over the summer. This summer I’m finishing up the 3rd Edition of Venture Deals and writing the first draft of my newest book #GiveFirst. I’m gearing up to be in marathon shape with the goal of running the Portland Marathon in October. And I plan to make a healthy dent in my infinite pile of books.

This summer is going to be about writing, running, and reading. While the rest of the US is playing politics, I’m going to side step that since I expect the amount of negative energy around it will be legendary this cycle. I’m in a great rhythm around our portfolio and investing so I know what that tempo will be like. And, while I’ll travel a little, Amy and I planning on spending the summer in Boulder.

I’ll see you around town, if you are here. And now, I’m off for a two hour run.

  • Donny Scott

    #Positive Great stuff. Next time I’m in Boulder and actually learn how to run (lol) we gotta get some jogging done. here’s to an awesome and productive summer!

    Love + Blessings

  • Same here. Some of my best memories are those hot summers on the court all day. And dehydratingly long, hot trail runs too. Have a wonderful summer and hope you make it to Portland, Brad!

  • randomcomment

    I don’t know why some people love summer man. It’s 45 degree centigrade here ( Pakistan). You can’t go out even for walk without getting battered, you cant enjoy good food because it’s hot here that one does not even enjoy eating. Massive electricity bills due to fans and Airconditioner and all.

  • Ravi Melwani

    Not a big fan of summer. Just starting a startup myself for the Indo public catering to people looking for Event Organizers. Tell me what you think: http://www.carijasa.co.id/service/event-organizer

  • If you’re into listening while running, consider Greg McKeown’s audio book, “Essentialism” (no affiliation, just a fan)

  • Tabitha Farrar

    Side step politics? Good luck with that.

  • Can’t wait to read #GiveFirst. Consider adding Tribe by Sebastian Junger to your infinite reading list. A fascinating mediation on PTSD, fostering a sense of belonging, and what they mean for American society.

  • Steve Ellis

    I played tennis in Arkansas growing up and played all day in similar heat. Our club was lax in that we could play shirtless, so we could work on tans as well. Now my younger son plays for three hours and he is tired (and he is in good shape). Why is it different now?

  • You love Tennis? Did you read Open By Andre Agassi? I love the book.

    • Yup. Awesome book.

  • Roberto J. Nicolalde

    I love all three also (running, writing and reading) specially in that sequence.
    I am reading “Give and Take” by Adam Grant. Highly recommended a pro-po of you new book #givefirst.
    Btw, I am reading your book venture deals. Very good info while we transition from seed to Series A. Any advise on federally grant funded companies (SBIR)