Work Hard. Be Kind.

For your Sunday video watching, I encourage you to spend ten minutes of your life and watch Chris Moody‘s Commencement Address to the Auburn 2016 graduates.

His message is simple: Work Hard. Be Kind.

Having worked with Chris for many years, it’s a great summary of how he lives his life. And he ends with a magnificent Dalai Lama quote. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

  • Talking with a friend about being kind earlier today. Was a mind blowing experience because was talking about kindness, unaware, I think, that he had demonstrated kindness just an hour before. Terri and I just got home from an early dinner where we were talking about it.

    It’s been on my mind a lot lately. I have spent a lot of my life dealing with people who think telling other people how to live is helping them. I’d much rather understand where people are and show compassion and kindness.

    Of course, working hard is important too. 🙂

  • Wow, that’s a great commencement address. Thanks for passing it along Brad. This quote is not in my daily routine:

    “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”
    – The Dalai Lama

  • Love it! Thanks for sharing. That Dalai Lama quote echoes Presence & EQ. Powerful.

  • Nice speech. Everyone in the room knew that his parents didn’t mean Alabama! Brad, if you had to give a speech at MIT, what would you say?

    • Chris Moody

      Exactly. They almost went to GT.

    • I’ve never given a commencement speech and haven’t thought much about it. I’d do what I always do when I give a public talk – pick a topic 15 minutes before I go on stage based on the tempo of the audience and then do an off the top of my head extemporaneous talk.

  • Pretty good… though I do get irritated when I hear “It’s not about the idea, its about the execution”.

    What I see, especially in Silicon Valley, is a death of well executed bad ideas, and a lack of truly great ideas.

  • Drew V

    Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of Paul Graham’s essay “Mean People Fail” (

  • frankille

    Stay Humble and Kind

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