CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap – Startup Week

I have 60 free tickets to the screening of the movie CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap on Thursday May 19, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 9:15 PM during Boulder Startup Week. First come, first served. I’ll be there and look forward to seeing you.

  • Teaching CS majors over the last year and a half now has given me a good perspective on all of this as women are entering the profession.

  • At our coding camps ( last year, girls dominated boys. As we move to educate children on coding, the gender gap dynamic is going to change and I expect women will turn the tide dramatically. The boys did well, but the girls blew past them. When a significant number of girls and boys have 5-11 years of real coding experience in school before they graduate from high school, amazing things are going to happen in tech beyond what we can imagine today.

    Unfortunately, the curriculums and methods our schools are trying to institute are not great and teachers just aren’t ready to teach coding. Our camps had 2 college developers and 1 public school teacher in every camp and we are doing the same as we grow to 20 plus locations this year. Schools, camps, and online services attempting to teach kids with 1 curriculum and instructors with no real coding experience will for most kids fail. We found we needed 5 different self-paced curriculums (of the 23 we tested) to adapt to kids needs, a mix of offline training (ex: most kids don’t know what the Internet is, because it is like electricity for them), and the guiding hand of developers to help them through concepts. Many kids will be able to self-teach, but if we do not change what is being attempted in our schools (private and public), then we will miss out on what we experienced last year which was kids devouring the lessons and advancing more rapidly than we expected and we will lose out on the opportunity for girls to become engaged with coding, utilize their superior attention spans and to change the makeup of the industry.

    I am very hopeful, because we have had schools ask us to help them institute our model in their schools, because of the reputation we gained here in South Florida. As we take our model national and add after school programs and clubs, we hope to be a part of shifting the dynamic for girls and for all kids that might not realize what is possible for them with coding.

    Our Angel List profile is here if anyone would like to discuss further.

  • Kirtane Chiron

    Thank you!

  • I’m a startup founder in KC, missed the sign up, but I’d love to bring my college son to this important ‘gender centric’ event. Appreciate your authentic postings.