The Venture Deals Course – Spring 2016 – Is Free

The Kauffman Fellows Academy is offering another session of the Venture Deals course on the NovoEd platform. This time it is free and runs from April 24, 2016 – June 13, 2016.

We’ve done this course several times in the past with classes of around 100 people and have gotten great feedback. Last year, we started talking to the Kauffman Fellows Academy and NovoEd about doing it for free to reach a wider audience, and in the context of #GiveFirst offer it for free, as the primary motivation for Jason and I had nothing to do with money. The original few sessions has recouped the cost to NovoEd of producing the course so they, and the team at Kauffman Fellows Academy were willing to give free a try.

Sign up is trivial (one click using your Facebook, Google, or O365 id).

The course is based on the second edition of the book Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist. Jason and I are working on the third edition which we be out later this year so this is a chance for anyone interested to engage with us now, ask us questions that we’ve missed in the second edition, or address nuances and larger trends that have changed since the second edition came out in December 2012.

Take a look at the overview for the Venture Deals Course for Spring 2016 and sign up and join us if you are interested.

  • I did it in the Fall of 2014, and I can vouch for it. Even though I had read the book twice by then, the course still made it all that much clearer.

    Free?! Wow, do it, don’t think twice. It’s a few hours a week and you will understand the term sheet to a high level. And that migh come handy….knowledge is power.

  • Sebastien Latapie

    I’ve read the first edition, will sign up for the course, and look forward to the third edition

  • kermit64113

    Brad, I have sent links and given out at least a dozen of the Venture Deals book to start-ups that I have advised. One of them is actually signing up for the course – they are up to $8 million in annualized revenue and growing $20K in net new MRC per month ( Thanks to you and Jason for writing the book and for doing this course. Jim Patterson

  • Loved the book. Pumped for the class. Thanks for offering it up.

  • Kelli Cook

    Read the book 2 times. Ready!

  • Douglas Crets

    Read the book, now ready to learn the shimmy!

  • Tugce

    This is awesome, it will be extremely beneficial for the Angel Labs community. We are the largest grassroots initiative focusing on investor education and will be sharing this with our community in 40 countries. 🙂 Thanks, Brad!

  • Rob McDonald

    Perhaps worth adding some coverage in the third edition on SAFEs. We are seeing them used more frequently and receiving more questions from entrepreneurs about them.

  • love the intro/outro music on the video 🙂