Techstars 2015 Global Impact Report

Techstars had an incredible year in 2015 and grew the organization on many dimensions. If you want a full view of what Techstars is – and is doing – today, take a look at the 2015 Global Impact Report.

To everyone who has been involved in Techstars in any way, thank you!

  • While I’m happy that the overall message is that Techstars is doing well and such, this presentation is kind of annoying. Lots of smooth marketing type flipping slides with almost no information. For 28 slides it doesn’t really tell you much. I liked it better when they had all the raw info about what startups had gone through their programs and how they exited.

    • They still publish all of that data – see

      • DaveJ

        Have you ever encountered a reasonable way to distinguish between different levels of “acquired?” For example, “found a home for it” vs “returned investor capital or better”. It seems like there would be a way to do this, such as if the common stock received any of the consideration (not via a carve-out), then it’s the second category.

        Even if the consideration is stock this still works because there has to be a valuation to determine whether the common receives any.

        • Good point. It’s worth considering.

      • Drew V

        Love the report! Looking over the data, it looks like it might not be adjusting for duplicates though. I don’t know how many there actually are, or if Sphero is the only company that has gone through multiple programs (it is the only one that I’m familiar with). The total $78m funding is including in the totals for both Boulder & Disney programs.

        • Hmm. Good catch. That’s an edge case. I’ll make sure it’s not double calculated in the total.

    • Thanks for the feedback Frank! We have found with this type of report specifically, the majority of people tend to care most about the stories (and they are remembered longer), so we tried to balance between including more of those and having just the major data points, knowing we’ll never stop publishing the data Brad pointed out below for those that want to dig in deeper. As for the interactive nature, definitely an experiment, we provide the flat PDF if that better suits you. Thanks for checking it out!

  • a random conversation leads to global impact. Who’d have thunk?

  • The DNA of TechStars is adaptation, innovation and success.

    And superior mentors, leaders and founders.

    I enjoy seeing TechStars continue to grow and prosper.