The Shrike

Yesterday, the Shrike paid me a visit in Boulder.

The Shrike

That’s Cooper hanging out in the backyard with his new friend.

Now, before you go all serious movie history on me, I know it looks like a predator. But it is the closest sculpture to a Shrike that I’ve been able to find. So, even if it’s a predator, I’m going to call him Shrike.

If you happen to know of an artist that has done a life size Shrike sculpture, please hook me up as now that I’ve managed to convince Amy to let me have one Shrike in my backyard, I’m pretty confident that I can get another one approved by my art procurement committee.

  • buzzbruggeman

    Clearly you need a matched set! A second one will bring a certain artistic balance….

  • Wouldn’t you want two, at your gates and not in backyard?

    • Pat Minotaur has the gates covered …

  • rick gregory

    Nerd. 🙂

  • There’s something very similar in the Dizengoff Center (one of the two sides, basement level). I always take pics of it, can’t find any quickly now. Will get a friend to snap pics and see if there’s a plaque, if it is Shrike-ish.

  • Well as Shrike’s go – that’s a a fine specimen. But if you really want to show it off, you should post photos without the dog which dominates the photo. That’s a good looking dog. Actually, 2nd thought, I’ll bring my Golden over and we can pose them as two Shrike sentries on each side.

  • James Garrett Owens

    Dominique Martinez:

  • L.A

    Brad, we had this lamp custom built for a give away on our site. Gordon’s info is in the pic, but happy to do an intro.

  • L.A


  • That is so awesome.

    Dan Simmons has a Shrike sculpture in the yard of his house in the Front Range by sculptor Clee Richeson (reference and pic on this page I think she’s a former student of his, so that may be a one-of-a-kind project, but definitely worth a followup. She doesn’t have an obvious online presence, but there are a few clues:

    And she works with Grand Junction’s “Art on the Corner”, which may be the best lead:

  • Raman Sehgal

    i’m as much a Hyperion/Endymion fan as the next guy (maybe moreso), but isn’t that the Predator?

    • Yup – it’s a Predator. But it’s the closest I’ve been able to find to a Shrike so I’m calling it a Shrike.