Mercy Hospital Virtual Care Center Supported By Oblong

My friends at Oblong have been involved in some very cool new installations of their Mezzanine product in different vertical markets. They are suddenly seeing a lot of interest from hospitals and health care systems.

A recent new installation is the Mercy Virtual Care Center, which is the world’s first virtual care center.

If you are at HIMSS this week in Las Vegas, go visit Oblong at booth #10725 on the show floor and see the future of collaboration in action.

  • I saw this at HIMSS. Was nice to see the tech first hand after reading about it for so long on your blog.

    • Neat. How did their booth look? What did you think of the tech?

      • Their booth was quite impressive. Especially compared to the small vendors that inhabited that downstairs dungeon where they were located.

        The tech is definitely a see don’t tell and even the videos you shared don’t do it justice. Feels to me like there’s a learning curve to get up to speed on the tech. Not so much on the tech itself, but the culture change in leveraging the tech. We’re so use to doing things other ways, I wonder how long it takes to adjust the culture to leverage the cool tech. Very impressive and seamless technology though.

      • The booth was nice. They were stuck in the dungeon (downstairs of sands), but that actually made their booth standout since it was next to smaller companies.

        The tech was impressive. Felt like overkill for most organizations. One of those things where it all looks amazing, but when people buy it they only use 10% of it or they can only afford to buy 10%. Seems like there needs to be a gateway drug feature that everyone needs and then build from there.