Happy 78th Birthday Dad!

My dad – Stan Feld – turned 78 years old today. He’s one of my closest friends and a life-long buddy. He always rocks a wild green outfit on his birthday.

Stan Feld on his 78th Birthday

In honor of him turning 78, following are 7 things I’ve learned from him:

  1. Be kind to everyone.
  2. Treasure you wife.
  3. Never lose your anger in public.
  4. If you aren’t standing on the edge you are taking up too much space.
  5. Naps are awesome.
  6. Chocolate ice cream is the best food in the universe.
  7. Learn something new every day.

and 8 things I love about him.

  1. Same as #7 above – he’s always learning.
  2. He knows how to laugh.
  3. He not afraid to try new things, like blogging.
  4. He always says what he thinks, and then see #1.
  5. He loves his sports car.
  6. Whenever we are together, we are really together.
  7. With his brother Charlie, he set an amazing example of brotherhood for me and my brother Daniel.
  8. With his wife and my mom Cecelia, he set an amazing example of marriage for me and Amy.

Dad – I love you.

  • Thomas Fox

    Best post ever! And happy birthday to Dad!

  • The luck of the Irish sent to you father. Chocolate ice cream is a food of wisdom.

  • Glenn Neal

    Excellent! #3 (upper) helps me.

  • Tribute

    This rocks and you’re awesome for sharing it. It’s so rare to see people taking the time To articulate WHY they love someone. Let me know if you want to help the whole family share their love and we’ll donate a Tribute and editor on the house :0) http://www.tribute.co

  • This was the sweetest thing, put such a huge smile on my face!

  • Nice tribute, Brad.

  • Cecelia Feld

    There’s nothing better than having three awesome guys in my life!

  • I really like your Dad’s blog, and now we know what Brad will look like in 30 years. Taking his advice on Chocolate Ice Cream and running with it big time.

    • Cecelia Feld

      He might look like his mother. She has hair!

      • HA. Awesome. As long as chocolate ice cream is involved.

  • Giving my dad a call. Thanks for reminding me what’s most important, Brad!