Friday’s BIFF Screening of Code: Debugging the Gender Gap

The movie Code: Debugging the Gender Gap is being screened at the Boulder Theater on Friday, March 4th at 10:00 am followed by a Global Town Hall at eTown at 1pm to discuss the movie. Amy and I are sponsoring the event along with NCWIT – please join in for what I expect will be an awesome documentary and lively discussion.

  • lynnerae

    I just watched this on Monday — it was screened as part of the MITA TechTalks summit in Punta Mita, MX, and it’s fantastic — leaves you thinking about how large of a problem the lack of diversity in tech really is, and the economic impacts of this. I’m inspired to do what I can to be a part of the change forward.

  • I began, but did not complete my 1st “Coding” course – “Ruby” – 2 yrs ago. Great instructor, but ALL of the obstacles for females & STEM at play… including the Learning Patterns & Supports– or faltering there-of…. I am a P-16 educator, & STEM advocate. Let’s connect more 5th-12th grade females to opp’s. I want to thank NCWIT, Foundry Group, and Brad & Amy Feld for sponsoring this WIT – March 4, 2016 eTown gathering -Boulder, CO. I pray that all tech firms, coast to coast,… will step up MORE –to investigate which scaffolds are necessary to support WIT (women in tech) & expand ALL diversities in STEM & Tech. This is a call for all gov agencies & STEM firms & esp. tech leadership firms like Google, Intel, YouTube, & Facebook… Please set aside those Gov & Biz grant funds to collaborate to bring more females & diverse populations into STEM. Also, read Alec Ross’s: Industries of the Future.