A Twitter For Mac Bug That Breaks My Heart – And Workflow

Let’s start with my bias. I love Twitter, use it all the time (a lot more than Facebook), and will continue to love and root for Twitter.

I’ve been a Twitter for Mac user for a long time. I know it’s out of favor with all the cool kids, but it works for me.

It sits quietly on the left side of my giant screen and whenever a little dot shows up next to the second icon (I think it’s a tilted bell) I know I have something that has @bfeld in it that I should look at or respond to. And, when I feel like tweeting something, the app is right there on the left side of my screen.

Last week when Twitter for Mac was upgraded to raving from folks like Cult of Mac in their post Twitter for Mac doesn’t suck anymore I was psyched to install the update from the Mac App Store. So I did.

Here’s the problem. Suddenly refresh no longer works on the notification page (second icon). Now, when there’s a little dot there, I have to click the first icon (Home) and then the second icon (titled bell).

Sadness ensued. I presume that this has already been reported to gang at Black Pixel. I was hoping this would get fixed in version 4.0.1 which came out yesterday. But it didn’t. So here’s hoping for 4.02.

  • SW product owners and teams wil often, in their zeal to add more features and new users, break the elegance of simple features they forgot are working well for their current passionate users.

    • StevenHB

      See Microsoft Office “ribbons”

  • I’m with you. I wish I could rollback to the old version. I like to tweet screenshots/images and now the app is cropping the images for some silly reason.

    It’s also interesting that “Moments” which is supposed to be the great new twitter feature is completely missing from the mac app. (not that I find any value from it).

    I love Twitter and it’s just a shame where the product has gone.

  • I use Tweetdeck. No specific problems but sometimes it’s easier to use the native Twitter app

  • Adrian Barilà

    It makes me so mad that everything was fine before this update. I keep getting phantom notifications and buggy scrolling. Sigh.