Are You Interested In The Blockchain?

If you are interested in the blockchain or bitcoin, go support William Mougayar’s new Kickstarter The Business Blockchain Books.

William is writing two books on the blockchain. We had early discussions with him about doing them via FG Press, but since we’ve decided to shut down FG Press (more on that in a later post) we encouraged William to explore different options. He chose to launch on Kickstarter, which I think is an awesome place for an domain expert like William to do this instead of going the traditional publishing route.

I’ve gotten to know William over the past seven years. I originally met him through his previous company Engagio. We weren’t investors, but I was an early and active user and fan. We get together ever time I go to Toronto and I’ve enjoyed watching him engage deeply in the Toronto startup community, while building deep expertise around the blockchain (and corresponding technologies). He also publishes a really useful blog called Startup Management and has been making seed investments in a number of companies, especially around the blockchain.

I just supported his Kickstarter. Fred Wilson did also – and wrote about it at Let’s Give William A Big Advance.

I agree with Fred – let’s support William’s new books and learn a lot more about the blockchain in the process.

  • Thank you Brad and always appreciate your support.

  • Jeremy Thomas

    Brad, the news of FG Press is interesting as I’ve been following that company for a year or so now. I’m the CEO of Inkshares, and we had FG Press on our “competitors” investor deck.

    The blockchain is indeed interesting. My co-founder has an idea for a digital currency who’s value gets close to but never reaches zero, thereby presenting a degree of stability.

    I tweeted at William yesterday and thought I’d chime in here too. The Kickstarter + Wattpad option is good for authors who want to manage the publishing process (including distribution). But (shameless plug forthcoming) authors who want to simply write and be read, and who are either tired of the traditional system or would otherwise self-publish, Inkshares ain’t a bad option. And we love technology books too (I’m a career software guy).

    Anyway, congrats to William on the campaign!

  • Bitcoin Blockchain is exciting if you let your brain go. I see a few needs to make the ecosystem really go and know some people working on them.

    One issue with competing in certain areas of FinTech is the amount of existing regulation there is that protects the walled gardens incumbents have set up and tended. I have seen some stuff where the initial startup costs are not typical, and neither are valuations out of necessity.

    It’s an interesting space. Go William.

  • Great to see more support for the blockchain on here. 🙂