Glowforge Pre-order With 50% Discount

Glowforge has started taking pre-orders with an expected ship date of the pre-orders of before the end of the year. It’s one of the most magical products I’ve ever been involved with. It’s in the “show, don’t tell” category, so spend three minutes of your life and see what you can do with it.

For the next 29 days, Glowforge 3D laser printers are available for 50% off the retail price. In addition, if you buy using my referral code, you get another $100 of the price.

There are many times when I love what I get to do. Watching a product like Glowforge come to life, and being involved as an investor, is one of them.

  • Carrie

    Pretty Damn cool.

  • scottconverse

    Interesting…am I looking at a self directed Kickstarter-like crowdfunding campaign being run on their own website? If so, brilliant execution. $100K ask, within a day, over $2M in orders. All with no Kickerstarter fee (or oversight). I suspect we’re watching a new twist on crowdfunding, marketing and sales being tested, and validated, by Glowforge.

  • That. Is. Amazing.

  • FYI, I just sent these questions to Glowforge via Twitter:

    1. What part(s) are likely to wear out/break?

    2. How much to repair/replace those?

    3. What are the warranty terms?

  • wow, impressed, and want!

  • eveline pieters

    Brad, Cool indeed… but I don’t see that 100$ discount when I click your referral code link?

    • It should happen automatically when you order. If it doesn’t, just email me your order confirm and I’ll check into it.

      • Sorry @evelinepieters:disqus – you need to pick a model and enter your email, then the discount will magically appear under the subtotal. Working on fixing that to make it more clear.

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  • Chad Crōme Kromatik

    Here is one more referral for you to use to get 100$ off, Im super excited!


  • Quixand

    Get an additional $100 off your purchase using the following referral link! Share with family and friends, only 22 days left!

  • Nolan Luke

    I bought the pro version because it has a run through. I like that you can cut up to 0.5″ thickness on one side, turn it over, (it re-registers automatically) and you can cut another 0.5″, totalling to a 1″ thick cut. That’s what sold me so if you want $100 off, use this link:

  • That is awesome. Also a very nice video – @bfeld:disqus do you know who did the production work on the video?

  • Nelson Ml. Jáquez

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  • robotprom

    a fresh referral link:

    We both save $100!

  • jack

    Hey guys! Still on the fence? I wrote an article on why you SHOULD buy a Glowforge and quick before the preorder ends.