Carpool.VC Interview

Jonathon Triest and Brett deMarrais of Ludlow Ventures are doing a fun video podcast series called Carpool.VC. As Jonathan and Brett drive to work, they do a podcast interview. It’s hilarious, fun, and informative.

I did it early (6am California Time) on Tuesday. In it, you’ll learn my spirit animal, doppelganger, how Jonathon and I met (I’m now an investor in Ludlow Ventures), and a bunch of other random things. I also agreed to sponsor the episode for $1.70.

  • OMG – super funny – brain on fire – especially thinking of ideas I have been exploring with my bro-in-law with Andrew Benson!

    P.S. As a new father, having kids is totally insane. Kinda like having new puppies. But somehow worth it. It’s hard to explain.

  • Tabitha Farrar

    Fun. Not an original idea through.

  • That was super fun! We can certainly be a part of such moments!!

  • Polar Bear….interesting. I think mine is a Cape Buffalo.

  • Steve Tonsfeldt

    The Geddy Lee reference is spot on… Made me laugh.

  • That was fun, $1.70 – bargain media