Live In My Kansas City Fiber House For Free For A Year

I’m running another competition for a startup to live for a year for free in my Kansas City FiberHouse.

When I bought my house in Kansas City in 2013, I announced my intentions clearly.

“I’m not going to be living in it. Instead, I’m going to let entrepreneurs live / work in it. Rent free. As part of helping create the Kansas City startup community. And to learn about the dynamics of Google Fiber. And to have some fun.”

So far we’ve had two different companies live/work in the FiberHouse. HandPrint spend the first year in the house and LeapIt spent the second year.

The third year could be you! Apply today.

  • *involves Dropcam and new media spot called “Little Techie House on the Prairie”

  • Doug Gibbs

    Sweet. I live in a Longmont Fiber House and it is very nice.

    You did this last year. How did it go for the participants? Any updates on what they built?

  • Scott Luby

    I’ve just this summer begun to follow your blog, it’s great to see personally preaching and practicing cultivating start up communities. Especially in Kansas City! From a proud resident of Kansas City, thank you!

  • What a great opportunity for a lucky startup! Very cool!

  • Kevin Stanley

    I’m curious alongside Doug, any word on how these last two companies are doing? This seems like an unreal opportunity for them and some meta-entepreneurship work on Brad’s end to build up KC

  • This is great and so exciting, Brad. My only regret is to have found the books and your blog as great resources sooner, for my first official leap into entrepreneurship, but thankful I did when I needed it most. I can say those resources played a huge role in getting my startup over the hump in what is still my first year (Feb ’15). I’m definitely applying.

  • You’re one awesome dude man!

    You’d think that if a VC we’re doing this, it would be for her/his portfolio company. But not Brad Feld.

    #give first rocks!

    And it’s a good-looking house too.

  • Great work dude !! you are really awesome man !! appreciate your work

  • Brad, did I misunderstand or was the KC FiberHouse application deadline, August 30th? If I missed an update it’s obviously on me therefore no tears, but just being sure as I just attempted to submit and discovered a dead link. Hopefully you receive this note before the 30th in the small chance there was an unexpected glitch. Thanks

    • We ended up closing things early.

      • Thanks for taking time for the quick response. Much appreciated.