Weekend Video Fun From Big Omaha

This weekend you can catch up on Halt and Catch Fire, Mr. Robot, or the talk I gave at Big Omaha in May.

I tell stories about my favorite investment (Harmonix), an investment we clearly missed and why (Twitter), and my worst and most heartbreaking investment (Interliant), along with lawsuits and eating babies.

I then go on a riff on Startup Communities and Fundraising, where the phrase “Any rich people around here?” popped out and got some applause.

I covered the inevitable question about dragicorns and big financings, went on my culture – competence rant, and then answered whether entrepreneurs are born or made.

I had fun at Big Omaha. While I think Halt and Catch Fire and Mr. Robot are way more interesting than me, this was a pretty good interview.

  • I’ve given up regular TV programming so I’d have time to take in more interviews like this; and his show didn’t disappoint!

    You’ve interspersed powerful constructs with gritty humor, thanks.

    I find your answer to “Is an entrepreneur born or made? very satisfying; and I find your persective on philanthropy and on giving back so as to forward our species as well as the communities which have helped to make us in the first place, really f**king inspiring.

    Many gems in this 48 minute discussion.

  • Great interview….especially loved how many f-bombs you dropped in this one.

    You were funny……who knows why the crowd didn’t laugh more. They should loosen up a bit.

    I hard heard you talk about Harmonix before but I didn’t realized they were so close to failing for so long before their success. It must take some serious grit to keep at it year after year after year like that.

  • Rosey

    Brad, your observations about that middle-tier financing being hard is intriguing.

    I’m thinking its not about minimum viable product (MVP) any more, but about scalability and can the team move from inventing to operating. My 2 cents.