The Gift of Uncomplaining Tech Support

On today, the first day of the new year, I give to my wife Amy Batchelor the gift of a lifetime of uncomplaining tech support.

While in Bora Bora, one of the books I read was Stewart Friedman’s Leading the Life You Want: Skills for Integrating Work and LifeIt was “ok” so I ended up skimming a lot of it. But I picked up one great thing from it which made the entire book worthwhile.

In the section about Sheryl Sandberg and how she lives her life, there was a comment from her that one of the best gifts her husband David Goldberg gave her was “uncomplaining tech support.” I relished that, tucked it away, and have started acting on it. Today is “tech support day” at the Feld/Batchelor Manse and my list is long, but I am uncomplaining.

1/1/15 Home IT Support List

Nerds of the world – consider giving this to your partner. The magic part seems to be the word “uncomplaining.”

  • Rick

    I think you should change “Put Network Equipment (Apple TV, Routers) on power strip – easy on / off” to “Set up software controllable power grid for home.”

    • Nah. That’s too hard. The Apple TVs just want to be reset around once a week.

  • This is great. I already do this with my wife, but you are right, the “uncomplaining” piece is usually the hard part 😉

    Happy New Year!

  • That’s quite the list you’ve got there dude!

    Don’t make a high growth business out of it though 🙂

    Happy New Year Brad.

    • I’ve through over half of it – currently fucking around with “Get the transmission “S” option to be the default” and moving music / photos around.

  • Uncomplaining is the key word for sure. The tech support part I can do; smiling while I do it is so hard. A good resolution to kick off 2015!

  • oh yeah. sounds familiar…

    • Happy New Year William. BTW, I’m still unclear as to your final verdict on Crema Coffee.

      • ah, i need to visit them again. trick is I hardly go to the danforth, and their other location on bloor has no convenient parking, but I promise i will try at their 3rd location in High Park, soon. thanks !

        • It’s a big city. It’s amazing just how rarely I go to some parts of it — the Beaches in my case, for instance.

  • alm

    what task manager do you use? from the screenshot.

  • +1 – I do all the tech support and fine tuning in the house proactively and the wife and family benefit. I have a shared Wunderlist for this kind of stuff, but I also put other house projects on there. Anything that needs my hands/brain/toolbox goes on there too.

    • You are a good man.

  • Confused as to why two Airport extremes, I have one and then two “expresses” down stream.

    • 802.11ac vs 802.11n? If I got this wrong, Apple marketing just sucked me in.

      • Looks like you are correct….Merry New Year!

  • DaveJ

    The other key issue is your guaranteed response time.

    • And I guarantee “whenever she wants.”

      • StevenHB

        You are a glutton for punishment!

  • Morris Wheeler

    Holy mackerel Brad. Joanne reads your blog. I am toast now. You have once again raised the bar for all of us. BTW: That is one long honeydo list.

    • I enjoy helping women the world over.

      • Morris Wheeler

        Decided to take a proactive approach and offer it up before she read your post. Had to make a carve out for Cleveland Clinic equipment though, their Tech Support people don’t take kindly to me fiddling with their handiwork.

  • Seems like a good opportunity to outsource a long list of mundane tasks and devote your personal time to something more fun or productive.

    • I’ve tried that for 20 years on and off. It never works.

      • I’m usually in the same boat. It’s funny – humans walked on the moon 45 years ago, but sometimes we can’t overcome these little everyday hurdles…

  • Rob Leathern

    We moved all our systems and remotes (including Apple TV whose remote always gets lost!) to a Crestron setup. Works pretty well – any iOS device now can be remote for any of the rooms – we have a couple of old iPads acting as dedicated remotes in various rooms and also since almost always have your iPhone with you, that works too. LMK if you want me to connect you with folks who set it up for us, Boulder County based.

    • Thanks, but I’m happy with my set up at this point and don’t want to add Crestron into the mix.

  • Lynda Colter-Bergh

    When I left HP, I actually gave my husband just the opposite. “I declare on this day that I have wiped my hard drive clean and have no memory of how to fix a computer. From this day forward, we take it in for repairs.” This saved a lot of frustration when he would call me for every small thing that didn’t seem right after he “tweaked” the settings. We have since only had to pay for a computer tech twice in 15 years (knock on wood). He figured out the little things that were a constant source of frustration to us both and, my guess is, left the settings alone. 🙂

  • Finn

    Thanks, I needed this. My wife just started working from home, something I’ve done for years. Her infrequent requests for some help with the network or other technical issues have elicited less than friendly help from me, probably me reacting to my newly ‘shared’ workspace. Reading this, I will immediately and henceforth adopt such a policy!

  • Kelly James

    My generation should give this gift to our parents and grandparents… I think we are mostly on equal footing with our significant others.