Happy Holidays From Techstars

I always look forward to the annual Techstars video. I enjoy seeing it, and usually enjoy being part of it.

This year I’m one of your favorite Sesame Street characters. Hang in there for New Years Resolution #9.

Cookie cookie cookie. Give me cookie.

  • 🙂 Nicely done.

  • That was fun. Nice job sending warm happy feelings.

  • RBC

    Nice video. Slighly OT but as you’re probably the biggest book-avore I know I’d highly recommend something. Helps with thinking about the sony hack as well, http://www.amazon.com/Joseph-Anton-Memoir-Salman-Rushdie/dp/0812982606/ref=sr_1_1/178-1183987-3169634?

  • Holly Hamann

    Your Techstars holiday video never disappoints! Thanks for the laugh – love the Cookie Monster.

    • Cookie cookie cookie

  • Cecelia Feld

    Cookie Monster never disappoints. Wishing Techstars (say it fast, it sounds like you’re from Texas) a delicious New Year. All of y’all. Or, all a y’all.