Selfies With Chris Moody to Contribute to NCWIT

Chris Moody, the former CEO of Gnip (now VP Data Strategy at Twitter) is doing a fun fundraising drive for the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

For at least $20, you can take a picture with him. 100% of the money goes to NCWIT. He’ll then blog it.

Yeah – I know it’s a little silly, but that’s Chris. Delightfully silly and huggable Chris.

I contributed $500 to match the first $500 Chris raises for NCWIT. As the chair of NCWIT, I appreciate his, and your, efforts.

For those of you out there who have asked “hey Brad, what can I do to help you”, get your picture taken with Chris and make a contribution to one of the non-profits I care the most about in this world.

  • RBC

    #first! But seriously, well done for championing women in coding. As I’m based in London I don’t think it is practical to join for a photo !

    OT welcome back from your digital Sabbath! I support you, me and everyone else taking them … although as a daily reader can i suggest next time you are logging off that you let us know when you’ll be back? It was unnerving to see the blog unchanged everyday – it felt like a part of life was missing – like getting to Sunday without the NYT weekend edition!!

    • For some reason, I’ve always felt it was self-aggrandizing to post “See y’all in a while – I’m going on vacation” so I’ve never really done this. My guess is there will still just be awkward silences…